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Product Rave: rms beauty lip & skin balm 'simply vanilla'

Funny story: I wasn't planning on blogging tonight but I just went to moisturize my lips before bed and picked up my M.A.C lip conditioner. YouTube vlogger  Crystal  loves this product and mentions it repeatedly in her Favourites videos. I hate it. Hate is a strong word but yuh get my meaning. I don't know how I forgot to add it to  this top ten list.  Anyho, as soon as it sunk in (read: disappeared) I reached for the rms...and the rest is this post. I only purchased this lip balm  about a month ago  but already I'm a believer. Unlike the atrocity mentioned above this product actually sticks around post application. Your lips actually feel hydrated and not merely coated with a waxy barrier. Not saying the M.A.C one does that cause it don't do nuttin but create a slippery mess. From the site: "each ingredient in this award-winning and skin rejuvenating formula has been carefully selected for its traditional healing abilities. Superior biologically active ingredie

Team Clear Skin

Lovelies, My granddad asked me just this morning if I have acne. And I was soooo pleased! Then he said, well ya always got on the mask so I ain't sure ( he meant the makeup). These gentle folks, soooooo funny. NOT. In any event, this was as soon as I had risen from a sweet slumber, I had just come downstairs to get the products from my latest haul. I was showing him what I'd bought and he was interested to see that I had my all time favourite cleanser to date the Clearasil. So it means that, the state of my skin has improved, cause he saw me barefaced, yampee and all. I had a serious facial cartroad going on just before Christmas. Between the terrible food, lack of sleep, working on Moden and my other job, and other commitments, my skin reacted badly. So I decided to try a new skincare regimen and get this ish under control. Enter my beloved Clearasil - Daily Clear, Oil Free Daily Face Wash. It lasts me a month exactly, with use twice daily. I am happy. So th

Would I 'Repurchase'? Estee Lauder Sumptuous Bold Volume Lifting Mascara

Mascara lovers, it's been a  hot minute . For some very odd reason I can no longer get good pictures of my lashes with the mascara on. I dunno. It just ain't coming out right. So that leaves me with my words. Now I know a visual is always far more enticing but realistically, unless your lashes are just like mine naturally (kindda long and kindda plentiful with not much curl) and you like the same finish as I do, these reviews are just a point of reference. All that to say, mascara is a very subjective beauty product. My only hope is that I can give you some useful information to assist in your purchasing decisions. Now, on with our story *Grover voice* At first glance the wand is similar to the  YSL Shocking that I love ; same type and length of bristles and a similar tapered wand. The mascara formula is medium (not too wet or dry) and '01 Black' is fairly pigmented. I love the flat tip of the wand because that allows me to turn it vertically and groom my out

Bath and Body Works Haul

Who else thinks this candle thing is getting ridiculous? *looks around* Inyouvations trynna stick me for my cream One day up Sheraton, after a lunch date with  Heidi , I was minding my own business when I saw: posted on our  Facebook page  February 7, 2014 Now what kind of beauty blogger would I be if I didn't take a peek in to let you know what was new? That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Since my last  Inyouvations haul  post, I've purchased two more three wick candles. This time was no different: I finally have my hands on the infamous 'Leaves'; not a three wick but I'll see what he werkin wid. If you follow me on  Instagram  that 'Harvest Coffee' one needs no explanation. You already know how I feel about  this Stress Relief line . I'm burning the three wick candle right now. Instant Zen. Recently Nikita of  Beautiful and Unspoilt  ( love that name! ) told me she got the body wash/foam bath so I decide

Product Rave | NYX Pore Filler

Moden Mavens, Do you have oily skin? Haven't found a product to tame it? Well look no further!! Sounds like an infomercial right? Well I'm telling you, the NYX Cosmetics Pore Filler is LEGIT! Taken from :    Via Google Images So it deserves its own half hour infomercial segment. Check the product info out  here . Prior to being introduced to this, I was using Smashbox Photofinish Primer and breaking out like mad, probably because of the silicone. So when Olivia, a work colleague told me, man Heidi try the pore filler, it works, while hesitant I jumped for it. I use it as a primer. Have not regretted it. The staying power of my makeup is about three hours longer. While I see my skin coming through, the sweat and oil is not that obvious. Well worth it I say. The Claim: reduces the appearance of pores preps skin for your favourite foundation All true. It also tends to mattify, which I like and retails locally at Exotica Makeup and Exte

Makeup 101 - Learn the Basics

Gooooood Morning Ladies and Gents!! Thank you for putting us at 18,000+ views! It gives us some nice tingly feelings we are so grateful to you for following us and supporting. Last year was about giving back, and I have to give much love and thanks to Lucinda for the tireless work she puts in and for keeping the Moden Mavens in tune. Don't forget to follow us on Instagram , Tumblr, Twitter and of course our Facebook Page . We keep you informed! If you DO follow Moden on Instagram:  @ModenMakeup  you would have seen I uploaded photos yesterday (Sunday) of me in a class. Raise your hand if you know Akeem?? One of THE most talented artists I have seen locally to date. He is also a very kind, sweet person who loves what he does and it shows! The tutor and Shanece, my friend and a Moden Maven, showing her how to blend her shadow perfectly. My turn!! He is so gentle!!  I smudged my liner, but the attempt was real! Oh yea! Giveaways!! I got a Feline Pencil, Conc

Product Rave | Rimmel London Show Off Lip Lacquer - 102 'Nova'

Happy Valentine's Day! Firstly, let me thank my 'Sister' Sharalee for the hook up. Not only did she tell me I could hop on an order she was making; she brought her own to show me what the products actually looked like. If that ain't some makeup bonding I dunno what is. Of course way before that day I had seen these blowing up YouTube. My interest was peaked but as I'm sure you're tired of hearing me say,  I really don't need any more lip products.  But Sharalee got me, how could I pass the opportunity up? I ordered the extremely popular 'Apocaliptic', 'Nova' and 'Big Bang'. From my last post you saw I recently ordered  'Celestial' . These lip lacquers launched in the UK first as Apocalips but were re branded Show Off for the US and international (I guess) market. The colour names remain the same though. Google image For live swatches check out  Keisha's  video: This rave is about 'Nova' spec

ASOS haul

Before you get excited, I ordered these things a while ago so they do not count for  Make Out 2014 . Ok, now get excited. Every single thing here is YouTube inspired fo sho. I think I was most interested in the Bourjois products since I don't have anything from the line. Bourjois and Chanel are owned by the same family and I've heard  Wayne Goss  comment on the similarities of the powder blushes.  Bourjois powder blush - 54 'Frosted Rose' Bourjois cream blush - 04 'Sweet Cherry' looks like they would layer well right? Both products are 2.5 grams (M.A.C mineralized blushes contain 3.2 grams). Like the Chanel blushes, the powder blush is heavily scented (fragrance is the second thing on the ingredient list). On first touch both are incredibly smooth. The plastic packaging seems strudy, the best part being the strong magnetic closure. They're just so itty bitty and cute! Bourjois Color Edition cream to powder eyeshadow - 06 &#

Current Wish List

It's been five months since I told you about the  products I've been lusting after , so time for an update no? Obviously being on the  Make Out 2014  challenge will *fingers crossed* restrict my purchases this year but I figure it's still wise to keep a list of what has me drooling and review it ever so often to see if I still feel the same way. Limited edition products always tend to get us makeup junkies hot n' bothered but since I'm  kindda over it re: M.A.C  I don't always feel the "pending doom" of missing out. Here are the items that currently have me raising an eyebrow while contemplating if to email T.E.A.M Imports or not. Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil My brows are in constant need of help. I read a lot of rave reviews about this baby here. The fact that it's cheaper than its Tom Ford counterpart got me too. image Milani Baked Blush - 11 Bella Rosa I don't doubt for one minute that I'm

The Road to Clear Skin...the Saga Continues.

I logged first my experience with chemical peels on my buddy  Corey's  site  Get Narked . Sadly, there weren't many photos added and that was what people wanted to see most; visual evidence that the process works. So here we go. Bookmark this post as the 'before' pictures. Don't be looking up my nostrils It's like a constellation in this mofo :( For those of you who thought I had "good skin" there yuh have it. Granted it isn't the worst case but it's bad enough to me; and since I can't help put to pop those white heads it could get worse. Jenai Sealey (the aesthetician) and I spoke extensively about micro dermabrasion verses chemical peels. She believes that chemical peels are the creme de la creme since you can also use them while you have an active acne breakout. This is not the case with micro dermabrasion which she mainly recommends for removing blackheads and obviously removing that top layer of the skin. Chemical p

Tool Rave: Urban Decay Grindhouse image Yes it's a sharpener, but trust me not all sharpeners are created equal. From the site: " Designed for use with our ENTIRE pencil lineup, Grindhouse includes two sharpeners. Use the slimline sharpener with our 24/7 Glide-On Eye and Lip Pencils and the larger sharpener with our thick-barreled 24/7 Concealer Pencils, 24/7 Shadow Pencils and Super-Saturated pencils. Each blade is made of durable steel infused with 1% carbon to prevent rust. This sharpener also works with most other brands' big and small pencils (if you must) and includes a plastic pick for scraping and dislodging shavings to keep the blades free of gunk ". If I had used this before December last year it would have been in my  Top Ten  series. It's a shame I waited so long 'cause I had this for a while. posted on our  Facebook page  October 25, 2012 I real shame. In my defense, I have regular sharpeners - even a double barrel one - and fig