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FOTD - Last Gine Down

Hello Hello! A month is no time at all! We have to blog! We love providing you with information and we are so pleased at the reception. Thank you for reading and following, Lucinda and I are grateful! As the name suggests, here was my makeup for today. Makeup off my nose slightly - after about 6  hours of wear.  My favourite thing about this look was the undereye colours. That pop of colour really made it, and I am not usually this adventurous with my eyemakeup. I like simple, clean, basic. But I got so many compliments on it today that I want YOU to be inspired. Try something new!!  Product List:  Eyes:  Lid - NYX Nude Matte Shadow - Leather and Lace NMS 17  Crease - NYX Nude Matte Shadow - Skinny Dip NMS 15 Browbone - Glam Shadow - Pixie Dust GS 03 Brows:  Gabriella - Dark Brown Pencil ( I like my brows dark!)  L.A Girl Pro Conceal - Fawn Liner:  Wing: NYX - Gel Liner and Smudger Bottom Waterline: Revlon Black Liner (Sharpened)

The Proof Of The Pudding...

I was just going to wash my face when the idea for this post hit me. Very often products boast of long wearing/oil controlling claims but do we get to see how they last during the day? You've heard me rave about the Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer ; this is how it held up my foundation after 10 hours of having it on. No touch ups; and I blew my nose extensively this afternoon. ( I watched Noah, I always cry at the sad parts in movies ). Today I wanted to ensure I had my SPF protection but still wanted coverage that wouldn't make me feel icky half way through the day. The line up? Estee Lauder Double Wear Light , applied with the e.l.f Powder Brush , over the Hourglass Primer and set with M.A.C Studio Careblend Pressed Powder . If you follow me on Instagram you know I was a Folkstone today in the blazing 1 pm sun. So for my face to look like this after putting on those products 10 hours ago? Colour me impressed. p.s. I only set my T-zone with the pressed

Product Rave: Prep and Prime Natural Radiance (Pink)

Lovelies!!! This one caught me totally off guard. I am NOT a M.A.C loyalist. I do however own, quite a few M.A.C staples, because frankly, I like some of their products enough to repurchase after exhaustion. Total exhaustion. Paint pots, lipsticks and liners, blushes and foundations are a few of my faves. And I am since Akeem's class a 266 Brush  & 217 Brush  FAN! On the last day of the class, I received a few goodies, and this was one of them! When I drew it out of the bag I was a little disappointed, I had been hoping for an eye shadow palette or maybe a lipstick. But the good Lord in His wisdom saw it fit to provide me with something I didn't know I wanted or needed. Cue angelic music, celestial bells, trumpets sounding and the hallelujah chorus. Chile lemme tell you bout life. I dropped this  Natural Radiance  bad boy inna me kit. I am in LOVE. I've been using it for about 2/3 weeks on my clients and I have had NO complaints!! Now I am a firm belie

Would I 'Repurchase'? Urban Decay Big Fatty Mascara

Thankfully Sephora is really good regarding gift with purchase and samples. That's how I came about this little number. From the site: "Get the biggest, fattest, THICKEST lashes imaginable with our newly re-formulated mascara. Lengthens lashes while enhancing curl and moisturizing. All this in a redesigned art-deco tube with the fattest brush out there for lashes that stand up and shout! UD knows that size does matter and to prove it we've given Big Fatty a big fat makeover. Our new high-tech formula works to volumize, lengthen, curl and fan lashes out, thanks to our uniquely-shaped, molded brush. It has bristles that wrap around its tip, perfect for pumping up those tiny bottom lashes and getting into corners without the need for a separate wand. No need to worry about clumpiness, either. Apply multiple coats for a buildable, virtually weightless, smudge and flake-proof look that provides ultra-long wear. This high-tech, moisturizing formula with Hemp Seed Oil, Vitam

First Quarter Favourites

Technical difficulties have kept us off of YouTube for a hot minute but we did manage to film a First Quarter Favourites for you recently. As soon as it's out of post production I'll insert it here for you but in the interim here's the roundup. Where I have individual reviews please click the link to see more information. Berkley and Jensen Cotton Rounds. 100% pure cotton and lint free. I use these to apply my toner, Milk of Magnesia primer and makeup remover to get rid of stubborn mascara. Available from Bio Beauty (435-9306) or Shopsmart REN Micro Polish Cleanser Neutrogena Clear Pore Cleanser/Mask. I went on the hunt for this last week and can't find it anywhere! I think it's been discontinued :( Still, I'll post a review about it shortly. (Just you can find it, yuh know?) Studio Basics Powder Puffs. These are golden to me because when you wash them they don't fall apart. Available from Bio Beauty. Josie Maran Argan Oil. A miracle moisturize

Product Rave: Simple Sensitive Skincare Experts

One of THE most popular questions for me is, what type of moisturizer do you use? Second? Why? I LOVE SIMPLE. It is moisturizing, gentle and perfect for my crazy acne prone skin. It's not a heavy moisturizer so if you're a dry skin sufferer, it may not work for you. I was about 14/15 when I started using it, and apart from when I was using Proactiv. This was my go to. From their site : Simple® knows that what is left out is as important as what is put in when it comes to gentle, yet effective skincare. Our moisturizers, like all Simple®products, have no dyes, artificial perfumes or harsh irritants that can upset skin and contain skin-loving ingredients and added vitamins for natural, healthy-looking skin. If you're in the market for a reasonably priced, clean, effective, gentle lotion for the face. Look no further.  I also like their wipes. But for the moment. I prefer to use the Olay for sensitive skin. In any event,  Simple Pros: 

Rant | Finding Foundation For You

Goooood Morning!! I am eager to write this post. FORMULA: After trying a LOT of foundations. I can tell you, liquid/cream are the best formulas for my skin. I have a few loves. Make Up For Ever HD - gives me just enough dew, with medium to full coverage. M.A.C Matchmaster - similarly dewy, full coverage, lasts 8-10 hours with one touch up. Black Opal Cream To Powder - makes me look like I've been toilin all the livelong day, but offers full coverage and with the Invisible Oil Blocking Powder, works for me. Lasts about 4/5 hours with a touch up. Revlon Colorstay - has become a fave. Medium to full coverage, dewy finish, sets beautifully with my Graftobian Coconut Cream Pie, lasts roughly 5/6 hours without touch up. Maybelline Fit Me - extreme dew, decent coverage. Not past medium for my skin though. About 3/4 hours with a touch up. L.A. Girl Pro Conceal - not a foundation, but thick and creamy enough to offer full coverage, and lasts a good 6-8 hours without touchups. M

Setting Spray Woes.

The heat in Barbados has us constantly on the hunt for products that will extend the life of our makeup looks. As a self professed non-toucher-upper, I most certainly am looking for that Holy Grail combination that will make me stress free. From my years of working in night clubs, I can not tell you how many women I've seen damn near reapply their whole face in the bathroom. Multiple times throughout the night. I #aintboutthatlife Setting sprays came on to the market as basically hairspray - the hold a curl kind - for your face. They all claim to make your makeup last all day/night long but do they? I've tried Urban Decay 'All Nighter', Kat Von D 'Lock 'N Load', Model In A Bottle (Sensitive Skin Formula), e.l.f  'Makeup Mist & Set', Make Up For Ever ' Mist & Fix' and NYX 'Dewy Finish Setting Spray'. I'm holding out to try the Skindinavia  'Bridal' or 'No More Shine' before I decide on which to repurchase.

Would I Repurchase? L'Oreal False Lash Telescopic

I'm a big fan of the Telescopic line. posted on our Facebook page May 30, 2012 The 'comb' like brush is this range is great for defining every lash. It compliments the formula well because L'Oreal's wet mascaras could cause clumping. You can literally end up looking like you have spider legs coming out of your eyes. Strangely enough, I didn't see this particular mascara on the L'Oreal site but here's the description of the Original Telescopic: "Telescopic® Original Mascara enhances your lashes with intense length and unique lash by lash separation. The flat side of the patented flexible Precision Brush lengthens lashes up to 60%, while the comb side of the brush precisely separates lashes for a clump-free result. Fragrance-free. Ophthalmologist-tested and allergy-tested. Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers" . False Lash supposedly has fibers in the formula but I don't see them. Like the Original Te

BB Smackdown

Would that have read better if I had said Beatdown? Anyho... The beauty world always wants customers to be clamouring after "the next best thing" and very often old products are wrapped up in new bows and covered in fancy marketing jargon to make us go crazy. Case and point: BB creams. Before I start to ramble I should just direct you to Dustin Hunter 's video which gives more details on just what a BB cream is. So this is my experience with three BB creams available locally. (l-r) Sleek Be Beautiful Blemish Balm 'Medium', Garnier BB Cream (Combination to Oily Skin) 'Deep' and Maybelline Dream Fresh Beauty Balm 'Deep' First some general information: I prefer to apply these types of things with my fingers so I can really work them into my skin. I love the fact that they have in SPF (the higher the better) as that eliminates a step in my routine. All of them require setting with a powder/setting spray but some are more glowy/dew

The Road to Clear Skin: Update 2.

Catch up on this series before venturing further. Houston, we have progress! Why so serious? The most evident results are visible on my forehead. My skin overall is smoother; even Jenai commented on it. For my third treatment we did a mild peel all over the face. I was able to have this mild potion on for a much longer period of time. Since then (it's been four days) I have experience no peeling or that funny uneven texture. Feel free to read up on the REN cleanser and toner I have been using in conjunction with this process. And as we always say, drink more water .

Would I 'Repurchase'? Clinique High Impact Mascara

Firstly, a huge thank you to the lovely ladies at Senses, Limegrove. They let you know your gift with purchase options in the early; who doesn't love value for money? The full size of this mascara retails for $41.99 BDS DP (Cave Shepherd) and right off the bat lemme tell you I would pay that. When all this mascara here is gone obviously. The wand is similar to the ones used in the L'Oreal Voluminous line, but smaller. This gives you the control to coat every lash.  The Clinique site simply says: "Kicks up the volume and length of each and every lash. Pure, deep colour only adds to the impact. Lashes get instant volume and length" . I can attest to the volume and pigmentation i.e. it brings the drama that I like. posted on our Facebook page April 17, 2013 "REVIEW: Clinique high impact mascara.  The wand has fibre bristles and a slightly tapered tip that makes it easier to reach the inner corner lashes.  The formula provides defini

First Impression - Viva Glam Rihanna Lipstick

Hello beauties!! Here's my FP of this coveted item!! Now you all know I love my reds, pinks and purples, and the blue based reds are my friends!! I love the fact that as soon as I put on a red lipstick I look all dressed up. AND when it comes this particular one, I love that ALL the proceeds go toward assisting people who are enduring their fight against HIV/AIDS. Onto the meat: Viva Glam Rihanna Lipstick is described on the website as: "Rihanna's blue-red with frost finish. Every cent of the selling price of VIVA GLAM goes toward helping women, men and children living with and affected by HIV/AIDS. Limited-edition, soft-touch red packaging features RiRi's signature" . This is one of the ads/promo shots: Now this lipstick right here... So I decided to wear it to church yesterday, and of course, selfies were taken. Vibrant and sparkly and red!!  Lined with a Black Opal Lip Pencil. So here are my first thoughts: Packaging: Sleek a