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Would I Repurchase? philosophy all stars

As seen in Cave Shepherd, Broad Street.   I'm sure I've said this before but I gotta say it again, kits/sets are a great way to try products from a line that you're not familiar with. philosophy (they don't use capitals) products are often mentioned by numerous vloggers so when I saw the display late last year in Cave Shepherd I was excited. At the that time, I hadn't done much research on the brand but I knew I had to get purity made simple .  purity , as it's more widely known, is a 3-in-1 cleanser that was all the rage on YouTube. People use it on their face and/or their makeup brushes. The size available in the kit is 2 fl. oz. The regular size is 8 fl. oz. As seen in Cave Shepherd, Broad Street.   Ingredients: "-Sodium Lauroamphoacetate: Acts as a mild surfactant that gently cleanses the skin without irritation or residue. -Meadowfoam Seed Oil: Lightly hydrates the skin leaving the skin comfortable, not pulled or tight. -Sodium Tride

My Foundations: Stila Perfect And Correct

The sun in Bim is MURDEROUS! Lawd havest mercy. Now is the head time to be upping that water intake. On to our story... Victoria recently told me that she discovered while on a photoshoot set that a lot of women have great difficulty choosing their correct foundation shade. This is an issue the whole world over so don't feel bad. I'm still getting the hang of it. Heidi shared loads of helpful tips in this post so I'm just supplementing by going through the foundations I have. For more information on shade matching check out Jackie 's video: Tina from thefancyfaced did a video on her extensive foundation collection and it inspired me to do this foundation series where I can share my experiences with you. Stila Perfect and Correct liquid foundation comes in eight shades and retails for $44 USD (1 fl. oz.). From their site : "Swirl your way to a youthful and luminous complexion! With an advanced emollient system to hydrate and moisturize the skin,

Let's Talk Polish

Ever since my last polish post I've decided to find the perfect red and yellow shade for me. Hence the ridiculous polish haul in my March update . First let me thank Victoria for this lovely Maybelline 'Blue Marks The Spot'. Here it is over the solid dark blue from the Revlon Moon Candy duo 'Galactic'. I am excited to see what it would look like over a lighter polish since here the black shapes aren't easily visible. Next up is Clinique's 'black honey', their infamous shade. Now sunlight revealed that my finished manicure was uneven but I took this pic after applying the first coat to show the ridiculous shine this polish has all on its own. This was my first time trying a polish from Clinique. In the March edition of Let's Talk Polish I introduced you to Sally Hansen's 'Coin Flip' on an accent nail. From then I knew I had to apply it in a full manicure. It did not disappoint. The formula of the metallic shades

The Makeup Show NYC Experience 2014 - Part 1

Hiii Mavenz!! Yes yes yesss hunty! I've been doing the ABSOLUTE dog up in heya! You have NO idea how much I love and appreciate Lucinda for being Moden's 2nd Mummy! She makes it easy for me to do all that I do! That's my boothang right thurr!! As the title suggests, and of course Lucinda told you in her last  post  I has some splainin to do. Two years back three of my now close makeup friends visited TMS . It's a pro driven event and one not to be missed. I am ETERNALLY grateful to Dee for encouraging me to come again this time. So I went to #themakeupshownyc2014 AND I had a ball!! I definitely had three or 10 adventures trying to find the location, but thank God for MUA buddies and friends I wasn't lost in the abyss that is Manhattan. To clarify, it is a Professional Artist Driven event. This is not a tradeshow. Artists, students and bloggers are encouraged to attend and test product, purchase, take seminars and really educate themselves about the trend

Make Out 2014 - April Update

Who's been a good girl?! *raises hand* Sephora Cream Lip Stain '01 always red' purchased from Exotica Makeup and Extensions, $45 BDS Yup, that's it. That Sephora lip stain has been a hot commidty for months. Selling out in days every time Exotica Makeup and Extensions brought it back. I wasn't even gonna bother with it but then I got tuh wondering how it compares to the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream that I purchased last month . See what we go through in the name of research? It's a good thing this Make Out 2014 thing doesn't include nail polish cause I'd be in duck's guts. I ain't even get through March's polishes yet. Oh for shame! What goodies did you pick up last month?

Top Ten Favourite Ridiculously Expensive Products

*cue Andre 3000* Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy-yyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Heidi is off painting NYC red so you're stuck with me :p YouTube vlogger Lisa recently did a video with this title and said she hoped it'd become a tag. I think that's a great idea since we're all interested to know if products with hefty prices are worth it. I've said numerous times that YouTube has the tendency to sucker you into always wanting to purchase the latest thing ( wait, it isn't only me right? ) posts like these can help you cut through the fog.  Another vlogger Emily just did her version of it and that's what inspired me to add in my two cents. Obviously, ridiculously expensive is a subjective term so things I might find average you may consider hott; and vice versa. These are just my thoughts on what's worth it. I excluded limited edition things but I can do a separate post on that if you like. Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer - $52 USD