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The Makeup Show NYC Experience 2014 - Part 1

Hiii Mavenz!!

Yes yes yesss hunty! I've been doing the ABSOLUTE dog up in heya! You have NO idea how much I love and appreciate Lucinda for being Moden's 2nd Mummy! She makes it easy for me to do all that I do! That's my boothang right thurr!!

As the title suggests, and of course Lucinda told you in her last post I has some splainin to do.

Two years back three of my now close makeup friends visited TMS. It's a pro driven event and one not to be missed. I am ETERNALLY grateful to Dee for encouraging me to come again this time.

So I went to #themakeupshownyc2014 AND I had a ball!! I definitely had three or 10 adventures trying to find the location, but thank God for MUA buddies and friends I wasn't lost in the abyss that is Manhattan.

To clarify, it is a Professional Artist Driven event. This is not a tradeshow. Artists, students and bloggers are encouraged to attend and test product, purchase, take seminars and really educate themselves about the trends and techniques that are hitting off for that year/season.

I booked my tickets online and it was super easy gaining entry to the show on both days. My plan of attack so as not to buy out de people place was to scope out the merchandise and return the next day to purchase. A sista is gettin married now, can't go cray cray.

*Cue audience dying with laughter here*

It was nothing short of orgasmic. Seriously, I do not use that word lightly, people. This event is TO DIE FOR. There is makeup, cosmetics, Celebrity MUA's, Vloggers, Youtube Personalities, Bloggers, Cameras, Lights, Popular brands everywhere. And I was so excited that everyone I met or introduced myself to (246 large up yaself) was super friendly and accommodating. Even though everyone there was excited and overjoyed at the sight of some of the top brands interspersed with a few not so well known ones, the kindness and pleasantries were infectious. I heard and said I'm sorry so many times!! So can I just segway here and say that Ladies we are CAPABLE of co-existing. Manners matter. And I did NOT have any bad experiences at the show AT ALL!

As I entered the Met Pav, I was greeted by a sea of human; people cyan dun. My first stop was the Crown Brush Booth. But honey, Linda, it was three deep, ladies standing behind each other waiting just to SEE the table so that they could feel, test and apparently in some cases - cause they took a loooong time to choose what they wanted - SMELL the brushes. That gives you an idea of the amount of ladies and gents we were dealing with.

Here are a few of the things I picked up and information on some of the companies I interacted with aka buy tings from. To be honest, I was so exhausted I could NOT unpack it all.
Haul or nah?

When I say a few. I'm dead serious. 
Inglot Cosmetics

Let's start here then. The Inglot Cosmetics booth was also three deep, with ladies swatching feverishly. This photo was taken on Day 2 of the show. It was not frenzied and crazed at allllll *sarcasm* The fun part for me was trying to determine what the heck I wanted and not lose my mind, but my friend Shanelle (half of the dynamic duo that is I Heart Makeup) reassured me that I could return the next day to swatch and try as it would be a lot calmer. Thank the LORD lololol. I bought some eyeshadows, a palette and a gel liner and I am proud to say that I chose wisely. I'll be ordering online again before I leave with my 20% discount for having made a purchase. Thanks INGLOT!!

OCC Brushes
OCC Nail Polish
Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics had a SUPERB display. IF you're not familiar with the brand, it is a vegan cruelty free brand with Lip Tars that are #teammodenapproved. Set on a black backdrop, the lip tars, polishes and brushes were GORGEOUS. I own quite a few already so I just purchased Black Dahlia for my cousin and myself to add to my collection. It is impossible to use one in a lifetime I guarantee, so they are definitely worth the price. Stay tuned for a popping lip look featuring that beauty.

And for my polish babies, two coats and boom! And the colour variety is decent, they are known for statement colour, so if you're bold and daring or gentle and sweet, plenty options exist for you. 

Temptu's Airbrushed Body Art - Legit right?
I love airbrushing!! It is an easy and effective way of offering natural, buildable foundation coverage. I do own a Temptu system, so I was excited to attend the seminar on how to maximise the use of the equipment and to get a clear view of just how versatile this technique is. If you are a makeup enthusiast who loves soft, dewy finishes, or you are like me an oily lady, who loves a matte look that lasts go for it. The Pods are easy to use and once you get the hang of it, airbrushing will become your go to method for foundation and blush application. 

Body Art was HUGE  at the show. This showstopper is of American Idol Fame, Isis King. Isn't the art amazing?? Flawless and striking. Awesome work!! 

Ms. Moden with Buntricia.
Renny Vazquez and Heidi. Yass you know how we do! 
Mr. James Vincent and Heidi in the people dem elevator. CHEEEEESE!!
Ms. Buntricia Bastian - My homegirl Lyric, straight outta Jamrock is the reason I know and now admire this lady so much! She (Buntricia) is a daughter of Jamaica and one of THE foremost artists in the industry. SO inspiring. You can achieve anything with hardwork, dedication and blessings from God. We chatted for a few minutes about her upcoming plans, and she said I was gorgeous!!!! 

YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS boo booooo. Look who was cheesin alllll roun Manhattan afta dat. But ya'll know my red lips was puh zoppin and the glow was on! Baje for the win!! 

Renny Vazquez - need I say more?? He has rocketed to MUA Celebrity Status in what? a year or two?? And his work is GENIUS! He was super sweet and so gracious. Girl, he hugged me like we was fam, you know!! Beatfacehoney wasn't there but I was over the moon that I got in such close proximity with Mr. V.

Mr. James Vincent. I MET HIM ya'll. He was headed to teach a seminar and he STILL stopped for a photo op with Moden. I was in awe. His work? Unparalleled! 

I did some DAMAGE at Makeupforever I am IN LOVE with their primers, foundations and concealers, and eyeliners and I had to replenish my personal stash. SO I went in. Testing and swatching and then my friend Dee looked up from the madness and spotted this lovely bit of face art here. Soooooo pretty! 

Beauty by Dee Blackett came to represent, she got SOOOO many compliments on her looks both days!!! 

I Heart Makeup the Divine, talented and sweeta dan a snocone Shanelle Estwick, stays keeping me grounded, focused and laughing 24/7.

Special thanks love and admiration to my homies Dee and Shanelle! They listen to my rants, complaints, celebrate my joys and successes and have nothing but love for Moden Makeup, me and Lucinda. We bounce ideas off each other and the love and appreciation is never lost! We've been through a minute but this trip? Cement man! We had a ball! Jokes cyan dun. See men? Makeup brings people to love and happiness!

Part 2 coming soon.


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