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Tag | Four Or More

YouTube vlogger Kirsten  created this tag in 2012 and recently did an update. After seeing Emily's take on it I decided to add my two cents. I think this is a fun way to show the products you've liked enough to repeatedly purchase. If you'd like to see an overview of anything listed please request it in the comments :) Here's what I have four or more of: NYX Butter Glosses  - 4 Milani Color Statement Lipsticks  - 8 Milani Baked Blushes  - 5 M.A.C Pigments  - 7 Revlon Lip Butters - 5 L - R: 'Cherry Tart', 'Pink Truffle', 'Fig Jam' and 'Sugarplum' I currently can't find my 'Red Velvet'. M.A.C Limited Edition Lipsticks (in special packaging) - 5 L - R: 'Mystical', 'Feel My Pulse', 'Deeply Adored', 'RiRi Woo' and 'Ronnie Red' Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks  - 6 T - B: 'Plum', 'Amethyst', 'Jungle', 'Pink Spark', 'Sap

Gratitude image   Imagine I here checking old post to see if I missed any comments and discovered that that 22 year old cutie Christina from Chrisamor Goodie Jar  nominated us for a Liebster Award. The purpose of the Liebster Award is to promote blogs that have less than 200 followers, and to generate attention towards them. I certainly appreciate the thought and welcome any chance to "pay it forward". On to the questions... 1. What was your inspiration to start blogging and what keeps you inspired? I think we started *this* blog, Heidi had two others before this, to expand on what we were doing on our Facebook page . Our Mavenz' feedback keeps us at it. Every question, comment, like, share, retweet...thank you, thank you, THANK YOU :) 2. What is your biggest source of joy at current? Sleep. Ok, onna real; helping people. I actually want that on every business card for all the companies I'm involved with: Lucinda

Make Out 2014 - May Update

Just after I posted the first part of my NYC haul I realized I hadn't done this update. Sigh. May belonged to Rimmel London. I was ecstatic to see their display stand in iMart Sheraton.  posted on our Facebook page May 7, 2014 I'm a big fan of their ScandalEyes waterproof pencils and matte lipsticks so I couldn't resist...I just couldn't! L - R: Moisture Renew lipstick in 'Piccadilly Pink', Exaggerate Full Colour lip liner in 'Enchantment' and Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer in 'Deep Ocean'. 'Piccadilly Pink' and 'Enchantment' are big YouTube favourites. And of course, the polish collecting continues: I'm doing better though, right? Right? ***Update*** Rimmel London is also available in iMart Lanterns Mall posted on our Facebook page May 19, 2014

NYC Haul - Part 1

Ok, do these count as a part of Make Out 2014 ? 'Cause I'm not sure. When Heidi was going to New York I sent her a ridiculous amount of Sephora links so I don't even know how she decided what to send back for me. Well, the above pic is what she chose out of the madness: Anatasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in 'Brunette', Hourglass No. 28 Primer Serum, Becca Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfector, Bite Vivid Luminous Creme Lipstick Duo in 'Violet' and 'Palomino', Cargo Essential Lip Color in 'Napa' and Flirt! Far Out Lengthening Mascara in '01 Extreme Black'. Welcome my pretties! I'll have reviews on everything eventually but for now check out the lipstick swatches: L - R: Bite Beauty 'Violet' and 'Palomino' Cargo 'Napa' What goodies have you picked up recently?

My Foundations: Maybelline Fit Me

The foundation series continues... Maybelline display in Collins My first dabble into the Fit Me range was the pressed powder, or maybe the concealer, I can't remember. What I do remember is that it was Sueann who encouraged me to try the liquid foundation. Good looking out girl! At the time that I purchased it from Collins 355 'Coconut' was the darkest shade and it retailed for just over $13 BDS . Now there's a 360 'Mocha' and they increased the price to $16.40. no pump :( Swatch of 355 totally blended From the site: " F lawless. Fresh, breathing, natural skin. Shade-true gel-liquid foundation. SPF 18*. New shades formulated for women of color, with 5D Pigment Technology. Why You'll Love It: It’s face makeup that fits you. No oils, no waxes, no nonsense Natural, Light to medium coverage that leaves skin the way it was meant to be. Fresh, breathing, flawless. Exclusive translucent base and lightweight pigments allow skin’s