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First Impressions: Gerard Cosmetics Super MINI Haul

Mavenz!! This is going to be a super quick read since as the title states it is a First Impressions post. Gerard Cosmetics Color Your Smile Lighted Lip Glosses  Buy all of them. The end. Buttercream & Nude Kidding!!! I endorse these lipglosses. The shipping to Barbados was not bad bad bad, but uh felt a soraway after week one (sad) as far as postage and turnaround time  2/3 weeks International Post) and I paid a mere $1.50BDS for three of them (one for Lucinda) at my local post office. Thank God, cause I was about to say where the heck are my glosses!! ADDICT!!! When Andy showed me that little blue paper yesterday morning I was out like a bullet. And collected my little package with glee!! I'm in desperate need of some retail therapy, and this just whet my appetite. Aye yi YAI!!! I ordered Buttercream and Nude mainly because I am a sucker for a good solid review, and most of the people I checked out including the site itself indicated that nude is a must have

Antigua Haul

I almost titled this post 'Beauty In Antigua' but then I thought, how presumptuous! Ain't like I went around the whole island :/ Panoramic shot taken during a circumnavigation tour Anyho, if you check out my Instagram you'd see I spent a couple days in Antigua last month. No special reason, I just like a change of scenery ever so often. I had no intentions of shopping but yuh know us makeup lovers... Collective haul I know that you know that when you see a brand that you can't get in Barbados you can't let it guh down so...that's my reasoning! I was so shocked to walk into a store and see a Chanel display. Chanel. Duty free. #EnoughSaid That haul pic looked like I went ham but only two of those Chanel products are mine. What I appreciated was having the opportunity to swatch the products, especially the eyeshadow quads. The hotel I stayed at had an Aveda Spa on site so of course I also took advantage of that. So the

My Foundations: Clinique anti-blemish solutions

Third entry in the foundation series ... Firstly, upon doing some research for this post I discovered that this anti-blemish line has been renamed Acne Solutions . The anti-blemish liquid foundation is still available in Cave Shepherd where I purchased mine. I love the squeeze bottle with the nozzle packaging since it makes it convenient to travel with and there's generally not a mess during use. As seen at the Clinique counter in Cave Shepherd, Broad Street 07 fresh golden was the darkest shade available, but on a few different retail sites I did see two-three darker options. Fresh golden is too yellow/olive for me. I usually mix this with another liquid foundation that has a red undertone but for the purpose of this post, I set it with a powder foundation with a red-ish undertone. The day I re-tested this foundation I discovered that upon initial application it really emphasised my pores. From Clinique's UK site: " Formula: Liquid. Coverage: Mod

Letting Go

It's kindda hard to believe that the last installment in this series was in March . A scan through the collection was definitely in order... Casualty : Seche Vite Reason : It just turns into a goopy hot mess (even after you put thinners in it) I'm not too sure if I will repurchase this cause I'm still working through my Orly In A Snap . Casualty : Black Opal Total Coverage Concealing Foundation 'Rich Caramel' Reason : The shade is too light for me I still like this product, I just need it in the right shade. I won't repurchase because I have a lot of concealers already . Casualty : Avon Beyond Color Radiant Lifting Concealer Reason : The shade is too dark for me This came packaged with silver plastic all around it so I would have never known the shade. Casualties : Boots Deeply Moisturising Lipcare, M.A.C Lipglass 'The Wee Coquette', M.A.C Lipglass 'Wonder Woman' (LE) and L'Oreal Colourjuice '

My next purchases... - Heidi

Mavenz, Moden's birthday is the 28th and we will be 3 years old! Yay!!!!!!! We're keeping the party low key, but as usual, we have something up our sleeves. For now, I'm planning my next makeup/beauty purchases. I am TEMPTED to buy from this collection: Beaute' Louboutin - Who's with me?  Rouge Louboutin is out of stock at, but I'ma get mine!! I really am a shoe chick you know. But since I can't afford a pair of red bottoms right now, at least my toes can scream Loubie for a fraction of the price. Here's the write up on these beauties: The Signature A timeless shade of red nail colour, vibrant on any skin tone and inspired by the iconic sole of every Christian Louboutin shoe.  “The red sole was born from red nail polish. I am giving back to beauty what the shoes took from the nails many years ago.” –Christian Louboutin The Cap From the inside of the towering seven-inch calligraphy-inspired cap peeks out a flash of re