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January Haul

Clearly went a lil In you vations crazy this month. Ah so it go.... Handsoap (L -R)  Fresh Sparkling Snow Gentle Foaming Twisted Peppermint Gentle Foaming Thanks Heidi Iced Blackberries Gentle Foaming Thanks Heidi Fresh Balsam Gentle Foaming Black Cherry Merlot Deep Cleansing Kitchen Lemon Gentle Foaming Thanks Heidi Peach Bellini Gentle Foaming (repurchase) Tis The Season Gentle Foaming (not pictured cause it's in use) 3 Wick Candles (L -R) Frosted Cranberries Lavender Vanilla Stress Relief Eucalyptus Spearmint (repurchase) Autumn Room Spray and PocketBac (L-R) Fresh Sparling Snow Vanilla Bean Noel Twisted Peppermint Frosted Cranberries Salted Caramel Winter Cranberry Sugar Plum Dream Miscellaneous (L- R) Watermelon Lemonade Wallflower Wild Madagascar Vanilla Fragrance Mist Stress Relief Eucalyptus Spearmint Golden Sugar Scrub Stress Relief Eucalyptus Spearmint Lip Shine Ginger Appletini Lip Shine Thanks Robert! Stress Relief E

Toner Woes (Update)

Since my toner comparison post in March last year I've been through a few more bottles of the REN Clarifying Toning Lotion. It really is good stuff but I find that I go through it too quickly. Something told me to give the Clarins brand a try. posted on our Facebook page April 16, 2014 Being my usual obsessed self I picked up both the one for combination/oily and normal/dry skin. From the Clarins site - " Toning Lotion with Iris (for combination/oily skin): Alcohol-free toner — with purifying Iris and Sage extracts — removes every last trace of cleanser, leaving combination and oily skin types pristine-clean and perfectly radiant. Skin-balancing formula tones and tightens pores, while helping to normalize surface oils. Preps skin for the Clarins treatments to follow" . Ingredients: "Aloe moisturizes, soothes and softens. Guava energizes, moisturizes and revitalizes, and is an anti-free radical. Sage firms, tones and stimulates, and acts as an a

Flashback Friday (August 2012)

***New Series Alert*** #TeamModen does a lot of hauling. You know how it goes; there's always some new release that catches our eye. But more important than just engaging in retail therapy is the ability to test and compare products so we can tell you what's worth it or not. This year in addition to current hauls -  come on, quitting is for losers - I also want to look back at previous ones and let you know what I still have and if my thoughts have changed. I'm so happy that Anderson and Heidi agreed to facilitate the Moden Makeup Marketplace with me because it allowed us beauty lovers to sell or swap products we weren't showing enough love to. Of course on the other end, it gives others the chance to try some amazing products at great prices. If you're new to Moden Makeup you might think we only started hauling in 2013, when this blog was created. No Ma'am, I've got some #throwbacks to 2012 for y'all. Let's start with this: posted on

Skincare products I must try in 2015

Hi everyone!! This year I'm on a mission to eliminate acne and brighten my complexion. I am not totally in love with how my skin looks sans makeup. But I love how fresh faced I look after a good cleansing, mask and moisturizer. I do know that any damage I've done by abusing my skin can be repaired and healed over time. Diet and exercise will play a huge part, so I'm working on that. Also, taking my Hair Skin and Nails supplement from Nutrilite still helps. I've been doing a small amount of research and I'm happy to share my findings. As always some of these products may not be available locally, but feel free to contact our sister company T.E.A.M Imports and they can have a quotation in your hands/inbox within 2/3 business days. Onto the products: I love  colouredbeautiful her style, artistry and online personality are cool, relaxed and confident. Naturally I checked her channel out for skincare ideas and she did not disappoint. Here's what she uses in

Project 15 Pan - Heidi

 Lucinda S. alllllways stirring up the pot. This lady KNOWS good and well that I am notorious for buying things, not using them for a while and either giving them away OR they end up in my kit. Hitting pan? pffft, jokes. So for her to issue this 15 pan challenge is not only cringe worthy, it is tantamount to INSANE. However, in my effort to be a more avid and focused beautyblogger, I will place here my contributions and attempt to at LEAST get more use out of these products. Also because I love her and she realllllllllly loves me too :D All of these items are necessary to my daily/weekly routine, but more than that, some of them have been sitting around for so long, I clean forgot they existed. Just so that you understand my predicament, this drawer contains a small fraction of the product I have purchased/was given to review or just bought to try or just bought cause I liked, you get the idea right? And there are two full baskets at the back (HELP)!! The Estee Lauder pr

Simple Highlight and Contour

Helloo! Been on Instagram lately? A multiplicity of mini tutorials and diagrams and you name it exist on the highlight and contour technique. Simply done it can truly enhance your overall look, but the heavier you pack the products on, the stranger it can become. Exaggeration, in my humble opinion should be reserved for the stage and film. But I'm just saying. When we came up with the idea to host a highlight and contour workshop, it forced me to think hard about what to include: the products we should use and the tools. More and more I was concerned with keeping it as easy and straightforward as possible with maximum impact and beauty still at the forefront. So here are my top ten tips for a pretty and effective highlight and contour. 1. Make sure that your foundation matches your skintone. Otherwise it's all shot to hell. 2. Powder sets cream or liquid. We live in the tropics, don't set the makeup, you'll be a goopy, runny mess. TRUST. 3. Moisturize and PR