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Let's Talk Polish - Textured Polish

Textured polish was all the rage some time ago and you can still find a few on the shelves. I tried a couple from a few brands; I'm sure another person's experience will be different. Nail polish wears different for everyone depending on their nail prep, base coat, body chemistry, daily activities and so on. If you've had a similar outcome with any of these products, or not, let everyone know in the comments. I tried these polishes with either the Seche Vite, Butter London or Pro Nail top coats. I also used different base coats - Orly Bonder, Nail Tek Foundation II, CND Stickey, Butter London Nail Foundation - and no base coat at all. As I said in previous nail polish posts, I don't baby my nails. I wash dishes, peel off labels, am frequently attacked by terrorist Logan etc. etc.

L'Oreal 'Hidden Gems', 'Too Dimensional?' and 'Rough Around The Edges'

My number one gripe with these is that no where on the bottle does it say it's a textured polish. Wear time is on average three days without chipping. 'Rough Around The Edges' performed the best probably because it has the least chunky glitter particles. Paula from Pau Prints told me she has used this line on her clients and they had excellent results. Paula got that good good. 

L'Oreal nail polish display as seen in Collins

'Too Dimensional' (two coats)

Chipped on day two after peeling off a label

Chipped on day three on my right hand

'Hidden Gems' (two coats)

Milani 'Sugar Burst'

First off, this is just so pretty man! The Milani packaging clearly indicates that this is a textured polish. I saw chipping on the majority of my nails by the end of third day. Of the textured polishes I've tried Milani's are the cheapest.

(two coats)
I think it would look great over a solid coloured base.

Milani Textured polishes as seen in #1 Beauty Supply

Essie 'On A Silver Platter' and 'Belugaria'

I don't know how people get 'Belugaria' to work for them but that thing chipped on me the same night. Again, I didn't know it was a textured polish when I purchased it. 'On a Silver Platter' wore a bit better. This and the Milani one mentioned previously are the least "textured feeling" of the bunch after you use a thick top coat.

'On A Silver Platter' (two coats)

Second day wear

Speaking of chipping the same night..

Butter London 'Bubbly Jubbly'

Again with the not saying anywhere on the packaging that it's a textured polish - and I doubt the sales associate knew. You'd think as this was the most expensive of the lot ($39.45BDS) that it would wear well? Nope. Not even with the base coat from the same brand. Not even with no base coat. The whole thing lifts off. This is heart breaking because it's gorgeous. The glitter is so dense, the polish is completely opaque in two coats.

 Zoya Pixie Dust 'Liberty'

This and the O.P.I Liquid Sands formulas are the best I've come across. The best. Irrespective of base or top coat. However, Seche Vite does cause the polish to shrink a bit at the tips. Without a top coat you really feel the grittiness of this formula but it still wears like a bawse.

(two coats)

Day four - minimal tip wear

O.P.I Liquid Sands 'It's Frosty Outside'

I already raved about this. In the manicure below I used this and L'Oreal 'Rough Around The Edges' to get a side by side comparison of the formulas. Is this an Old Year's Night manicure or what?

(two coats)

Day 2

Day 3

I don't paint my nails every week so this took a hell of a lot of time to compile. After the whole shabang I'd say textured polishes are a novel idea and could be a great way for novices to try a bit of nail art. I've seen a lot of pictures on Instagram where people have used the glittery ones just on the nail tip or closer to the cuticle is a kindda 'splotch' design. The multi dimensional glitter ones are also great for nights out when you want your manicure to dazzle. Just be careful which formula you choose as some may come off before your shoes. All formulas take a bit of elbow grease to remove with the Milani being the easiest. Please note that if you don't wear the L'Oreal, O.P.I or Zoya ones with a base coat your nail beds will be a lil worst for the wear when you finally remove them.

If you're interested in trying some, at half the retail price, check out The Moden Makeup Marketplace :)


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