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Product Rave: Eden's Choice Naturals Soaps and Scrubs

My first experience with Eden's Choice was at Girlfriends Expo this year. Their Instagram bio states: " Eden's Choice is a 100% Barbadian owned and operated business supplying naturally vegan skin care products ". I was drawn to their peppermint soaps at the Expo but there were so many options that I tried a few of the others.  I enjoyed all of the soaps that I purchased. Of course I am partial to 'Peppermint' but 'Lavender & Eucalyptus' was a surprise favourite. The other scents are 'Almond Butter', 'Almond Rose', 'Buttercream', 'Butterfly Garden', 'Cinnarose', 'Citrus Burst', 'Eden's Spell', 'Honeysuckle', 'Lemon', 'One Love', 'Oatmeal & Honey', 'Kiwi Cucumber', 'Frangipani', 'Tea Tree Oil & Bentonite Clay', and 'Vanilla'. The real real shockers were the body scrubs. Before these the on

Let's Talk Polish

Milani Glitter polishes to be precise... It's been awhile since a Let's Talk Polish post I know. Lemme tell yuh, these are pretty hard to compile; but it's definitely overdue. If you follow us on Facebook and Instagram you know that Paradise Beauty Supply are selling out some of their older stock. These Milani glitter polishes were $2 but then they raised them to $5. Still that's half of what you'd pay in #1 Beauty Supply etc. A section of the sale table in Paradise Beauty Supply The reason is that Milani has repackaged their nail polishes so it's literally a case of 'out with the old in the new'...i f only more stores in Barbados would shed their dated stock in this fashion . But I digress, the news of this sale table is definitely a hit amongst us Mavenz and I most certainly got a few of these polishes to try for myself. I also got a few, along with other Milani items, to use as gifts-with-purchase for our Marketplace shopp

L'Oreal 'The Scrublet' As A Brush Cleansing Tool

If you've ever tried any of the cleansers from L'Oreal Go 360 Clean range you know about The Scrublet. According to L'Oreal, the " Easy-to-use: Scrublet cleanses pore-by-pore with a fuss-free cleansing process ". image I've used one of the cleansers before but decided to pick up another one in March  after I realised that it looked very similar to a Sephora Collection Precision Pore Cleansing Pad which retails for $6 USD . image Both these items are marketed as face cleansing tools but I figured they could also be used to clean brushes. Think about it. Don't they look like a section of the Sigma Spa cleaning tools ? Albeit, a very small section of those things. So I gave it a go . While I don't think it makes the wash time any less it certainly cleans the brushes better than just swirling them around in my palm.  How do you clean your brushes? Is this tool something you would try? Do

IMATS New York 2015 Experience

Now that all the hauling is over and the pretty things are put away I thought it was time to say a few things about the actual experience of going to IMATS . When we committed to going Sharalee, being the meticulous person that she is, had already printed the floor plan and made a list of the booths she wanted to visit. This was sound advice, later reiterated by one of the YouTube vloggers that I watch religiously Tina . I had heard all about the crazy long lines that form to enter the event as well as to purchase things from the more popular retailers and that was the number one thing I was not looking forward to. If you've read last month's posts you know that I had already done a lot of shopping and walking before we even got to IMATS i.e. yuh girl was already tired...but very excited none the less. Thankfully, we decided not to be apart of the early morning madness and arrived close to noon. There wasn't a line in sight. We reach! To give you somethi

Product Rave: Ole Henriksen African Red Tea Foaming Cleanser

I bought this in Sephora during my recent New York trip and began using it that very night.  From the site: " Details - Named the best natural cleanser at the Natural Health Beauty Awards, this luxurious foaming cleanser is enriched with anti-aging botanical extracts like naturally antioxidant-rich african red tea and Vitamin C. Its soothing, non-drying formula is strong enough to remove makeup, but gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin. Regular use will elevate your skin to new levels of clarity and luminosity. Benefits -  African red tea Strengthens the skin’s outer layer, slows the aging process, calms and soothes the skin Borage seed oil Moisturizes with gamma linolenic acid, an essential fatty acid, and acts as an astringent and anti-inflammatory Vitamin C Stimulates collagen synthesis and fights environmental damage Grapefruit, orange and tangerine extracts Purifies and brightens with astringent, antiseptic and aromatic qualities. Formulated Without -