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IMATS New York 2015 Experience

Now that all the hauling is over and the pretty things are put away I thought it was time to say a few things about the actual experience of going to IMATS. When we committed to going Sharalee, being the meticulous person that she is, had already printed the floor plan and made a list of the booths she wanted to visit. This was sound advice, later reiterated by one of the YouTube vloggers that I watch religiously Tina.

I had heard all about the crazy long lines that form to enter the event as well as to purchase things from the more popular retailers and that was the number one thing I was not looking forward to. If you've read last month's posts you know that I had already done a lot of shopping and walking before we even got to IMATS i.e. yuh girl was already tired...but very excited none the less.

Thankfully, we decided not to be apart of the early morning madness and arrived close to noon. There wasn't a line in sight.

We reach!

To give you something local to compare it to; IMATS is like BMEX on LSD. It's a huge convention/tradeshow where literally thousands of people come to buy, learn and generally have a great time with their like-minded beauty-crazed friends. Tickets were $60USD per day for the Saturday and Sunday. Friday was 'PRO night' but yuh know that doan apply to me.

There were numerous stages set up where panels discussions were taking place. Educators and Keynote Speakers such as: Neill Gorton, Ricky Wilson, Kevin James Bennett, Eva Von Bahr, Joy Fennell and Eve Pearl etc. were sharing their experiences and taking questions from the audience. It is a fantastic opportunity to meet industry leaders.

Had we had more time we would have definitely checked more of those out but the focus this trip was on deals.

Lit Cosmetics display 
Viseart display
Embryolisse display at the Alcone booth
Juvia's Place display
Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow display 
Stila display
Dose of Colors display 

There's a host of pictures on my Instagram profile

We did encounter a lot of lines at very popular booths like Sigma, Dose of Colors, Morphe, NYX Cosmetics, Anastasia Beverly Hills and Lady Moss. I mean nuts! We opted to keep looking around until the crowd died down 'cause there was just too much to see and touch to spend hours in one line. That in my opinion, was the best thing about the trip; being able to swatch items that you could only oogle online previously.

Lime Crime Velvetine swatches
Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipsticks swatches 

Another great thing was the artistry present. Anyone that doesn't think that makeup is art needs to get their head examined. These men and women are soooooooooo talented!

Temptu Pro model
Mehron Makeup model
Make Up For Ever Academy model
Love her spirit!
Make Up For Ever model
Graftobian model

Another fun aspect of this type of tradeshow is that you never know who you're gonna meet. Yuh know we Bajans don't go around "fangirling" over people but I was still pretty excited to see Donna, Tina, Renelyn and Tatiana..I didn't go up to them but still. One lady that I saw passing by that didn't just let us go along was Crystal. I was so pleased to see that she is as sweet in person as she is in her videos; and her husband is just the most supportive and patient guy. 

Crystal, Sharalee and I at IMATS NYC 2015 -

That totally was the icing on the cake. 

Outside I ran in Juice and Sande as they were arriving. They were so cool. Speaking of outside...

I thought Patrick Starrr and Manny MUA were doing a meet and greet outside. Little did I know that they were actually asked to leave IMATS because the crowd assembling to meet them inside got massive.

One more thing I wanted to note: for all the drive to boycott Limecrime that I saw on YouTube and Instagram I didn't think their booth would have been so heavily populated. They even ran out of bags!

Day 2 seemed a little less crowded but truly there were still loads of people around. A lot of people only buy tickets for the Saturday thinking that by Sunday most of the items would have sold out. Some items did sell out very early on Saturday. 

Heidi joined us and it was interesting to see what a makeup artist gets excited about in terms of the products and deals available.

Heidi and Sharalee knew about brands that I had never heard of:

Gleam by Melanie Mills
Jordan Liberty

Special shout out to Smith Cosmetics, a Canadian brush company that debuted at IMATS. Their brushes felt amazing!

It was truly an experience that I am very grateful to have had. My sole disappointment: I was surprised that more companies weren't doing samples or gift with purchase deals. I know I know, it costs a lot to exhibit at these things and of course the set up costs to have your products and staff there must be insane. Especially if you don't have a store in the host city. I dunno, I just thought there would have been more deals/bundles. 

All in all, I'd do it again...with a lot more money in muh purse though.

Til we meet again IMATS!


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