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Summer Standouts

August is over and that usually means that Summer is too...although it sure still does feel like Summer in Barbados. Since my last haul post I've gotten quite a few items; you can check out my keeks for full details. Here are a few new things I've tried that became fast favourites. Maybelline Creamy Mattes Gone are the days of the powdery 'Ruby Woo' esque matte lipstick formula. Today's iterations contain more silicone so there's no tugging on the lips but we get the same longevity. I had heard a lot of rave reviews about these Maybelline lipsticks before I bought them and as soon as I tried them I was a believer. Hempz 'Vanilla Plum' Herbal Body Moisturizer I've heard MakeupbyTiffanyD talk about Hempz moisturizers so much that when I saw this mini size in Bio Beauty my hand picked it up automatically. This particular scent smells amazing and the texture of the lotion is light yet very moisturizing. Ole Henriksen Truth Serum Collagen

Live Love Polish Haul

How often have you heard that nail polish or perfumes can't be shipped? Well, that's not the case. I even contacted Laparkan about it; they said ". ..a hazmat fee will apply to the shipment. Please note that all hazardous cargo, being delivered to our warehouse, must be accompanied by an MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) and/or an IMO ". That's if you're using their sky box services. Or you just order your polishes from Live Love Polish cause they ship internationally. *fistpump* They're based in New York. You can see the list of brands they stock here ...a lot of brands that aren't locally available. In my confirmation email, they said it was their first order from Barbados. It came with a hand written note. How sweet is that? I heard about this company from watching  Jessface90 's swatch videos. I think it was late one night when I saw her apply 'Chillax' I was like: that's it! I must have it! 'Point Me To The Party

Let's Talk Shop

Hi Mavenz, This is going to make some people hate/text/whatsapp/Facebook me. I am NOT pointing fingers. I am NOT drawing a reference to any particular situation or incident. This is a post I was hesitant to upload/discuss. However it must be addressed. Things are going way left! I hold body blows daily I am sure, dust it off, take what I need and keep it moving is my movement. Kim K, Rihanna, Beyonce, Ciara etc. get talked about by the minute. As a makeup artist well anyone in the limelight really, you MUST expect criticism, harsh words and the occasional insult. What you should not engage in is idle gossip or nastiness and sometimes intolerance. You're an 'MUA' and DON'T expect criticism?? Well blow me down!! What makes you so special that you can't be 'talked about' or criticised? If you're in this business it's going to happen constantly so you better go get some armour; or crawl in a hole. Either way, people will talk. We should listen

Weekend Beauty Time

Hi Mavenz!! I thought I'd share my most used and loved products for my weekly grooming ritual. The process is usually simple and I generally don't switch up my products unless I get a new one to try out, or I come across something intriguing. Given the vicissitudes of life, grooming may very well be a thing of the past. However, taking good care of ones body should always be a priority, after all #yolo. So I firmly believe in looking after this lil soul case while I have the strength and fortitude. Enough babbling, I'll go in stages so I don't miss anything out. If this is #tmi OOPS sorry, but I will leave no stone unturned in my quest to get you to use the weekend to address your necessaries (is that even a word?? lol) Shaving/Hair Removal VERRRRY sensitive subject for me. I am INCREDIBLY hairy. As I tell people, there can't be an abundance on the head and nowhere else. That's called a UPART (no shade and I own one).  My uncle used to tell me he knew

Instant Repurchases

Recently I was watching Mary from ALoveTart's video and it got me thinking: which products do I repurchase before they've even run out? Some things are just staples. Macadamia Natural Oil Nourishing Leave-In Cream Shay from Magnific Hair first introduced me to this brand a few years ago and I've been hooked eva since. I haven't seen it available locally but you can get it on Amazon and even sometimes on Hautelook   1  (a flash sale site that offers a wide variety of products at reduced prices). M.A.C Prep + Prime Highlighter 'Peach Lustre' Bath & Body Works Gentle Foaming Hand Soap 'Black Cherry Merlot' This scent is simply divine... but I'm sure you're tired of hearing me say that . NYC In A Minute 'Grand Central Station' These are also available in The Marketplace . Berkley & Jensen 100% Pure Cotton Rounds 100 Count The packaging has changed but the product better has be the same. These are best co

O.P.I Haul And Top Five | Collab with NailTales246

How de heat treating yuh? I hey suffering... I know I haven't posted the usual monthly collective haul in a while. Does that mean I haven't been shopping? Most certainly not. Check out my keek profile for the low down. One recent extravaganza took me to Limegrove. From the flurry of post on Moden's Instagram account you can see I was all over the place. My last stop was Mozaic . Only, it wasn't where it used to be. WE'VE MOVED! We invite you to our NEW location. Right next to Sun Collection, across the bay from Eye Q Opticians. I was in there for hours. Looking at the collections, deals and new products from O.P.I. Now, I only went for nail polish remover but you know that's not all I came out with. Before I get into the haul you should know that this post is in collaboration with Jodi from Nail Tales of A Bajan Girl . Regular readers would have seen me gush about her before. She's far more creative than I so if you really really want t

The Glamorization of Decluttering

Yesterday I watched Essie Button 's latest video. While I got the message, I came away feeling similarly to what a lot of other people expressed in the comments. Disclaimer : I'm a firm believer in the fact that people can (and should) say whatever they want, how they want on their public social media accounts. Now y'all know I don't support hoarding . That's the whole reason The Marketplace was created. You've seen posts in the Letting Go series . I even love decluttering videos ...I binge watch them. I'm especially a fan of them when the person takes you through their collection, section by section, letting you know the reason behind why they're keeping or passing on each item. But this almost preachy, release-your-attachments-to-worldly-things style I am not a fan of. Yes; you really shouldn't hold on to things you aren't using. But suppose looking at them brings you joy? Yes; things shouldn't just be hanging around collecting d

Brand Awareness: rms beauty image RMS stands for Rose-Marie Swift - the Founder- or "real make-up secrets"; if you read the company's philosophy you'd see that " RMS beauty is about aliveness and pure, life force ". What's that all about? Here's what the site calls 'Beauty Truth': " Skin is a living organism. It breathes, interacts, and absorbs information from everything it encounters. It's in constant communication with the environment. Without healthy skin, we are vulnerable to the effects of everything we encounter. Unfortunately, years ago we were lead to believe that the skin acted as a barrier to the outside world, blocking out whatever was applied to it. We now know that whatever we put on the skin is absorbed into the bloodstream. You need only look to medical patches, anti-smoking patches and hormone replacement patches for proof. Every day, multiple products come into contact with our skin, from shampoo a