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Hi Mavenz,

This is going to make some people hate/text/whatsapp/Facebook me. I am NOT pointing fingers. I am NOT drawing a reference to any particular situation or incident. This is a post I was hesitant to upload/discuss. However it must be addressed. Things are going way left!

I hold body blows daily I am sure, dust it off, take what I need and keep it moving is my movement.

Kim K, Rihanna, Beyonce, Ciara etc. get talked about by the minute. As a makeup artist well anyone in the limelight really, you MUST expect criticism, harsh words and the occasional insult. What you should not engage in is idle gossip or nastiness and sometimes intolerance. You're an 'MUA' and DON'T expect criticism?? Well blow me down!! What makes you so special that you can't be 'talked about' or criticised? If you're in this business it's going to happen constantly so you better go get some armour; or crawl in a hole. Either way, people will talk. We should listen and take the advice/criticism with a pinch of salt but our egos very often get in the way though don't they?

I've done my fair share of criticising other MUA's based locally and internationally. However, it's not with malice. IF you know me you know I say what I mean and I rarely recant. I, like everyone else, have preferences. I am entitled to air them as I see fit so I expect the same from my colleagues.

The fact is, we all have to start somewhere. I am not, nor have I ever claimed to be, the best artist ever. However, I am a good makeup artist. I've worked with and under the best in the business, locally,regionally and internationally. I study this game and technique hardcore. Makeup is a HUGE part of my life. I also took the classes and did the studying. So I am more than qualified to offer an opinion. I also have to be humble enough to accept yours. 

I was a junior artist on Britain & Ireland's next Top Model, BB Fashion Week and at Girlfriend's Expo. My style of makeup may not be popular. However, I and my work are respected and recognised. I give credit where it's due, and I have taken lessons and tutoring from some of your and my favourite artists, such as Ackeem Francis (Faces by Ackeem) and Shanelle Estwick and Kamilah Codrington (I Heart Makeup). I've collaborated with Dee Blackett, chatted with Mandy Cummins, heck I even had a heart to heart on set with Joann Jones (when she was at CBC and black|Up Cosmetics). As long as I do makeup and post a photo, it will be judged, liked or disliked. Fair play.

Here's what I realise. People/clients like who they like and like looks they see on other people too. Bajans are fad/trendy people. Both artistically and socially. Understand that and you have the game on lock. Being thin skinned is not an option. They will hop from artist to artist depending on the situation and often under recommendation because their regular artist is unavailable or they did something they didn't like and they didn't have the guts to speak up and be honest at the time. Plus we loooove talking about people to get some 'juice'. 

Man there's a plethora of reasons they 'artist hop'.That's none of your business though. So maintain your integrity. You are in control of the appointment, keep it professional and fun and they will come back to you/share their time between you and their main artist. All of us have to eat and we will ALL make money. TRUST!

Artists like Renny Vazquez and Sam Fine work on different celebs all the time. They aren't wasting time mulling over which client went with what glam squad. It's about the SUCCESS and of course the money honey. SO get it together!! 

Suggestions for Clients:

Select a primary MUA - For whatever reason, their work is fab, you like their online persona, word of mouth. 
Select a secondary MUA - S/A. Be honest. Most of us know and are on familiar terms with each other, and Instagram doesn't lie. Your pic will pop into the feed.
Remain Loyal - Let them both know that they are YOUR preferred choices. You don't buy clothes from one store do you? If you choose/have an artist and you have a problem with their work tell THEM. Don't walk away unhappy, go to another artist and complain, or moan to your family and friends. Cattiness is catching and gossip falls on itching ears. Even the most well intentioned comment/criticism can be delivered in the wrong tone or just plain changed to suit the convo.

Suggestions for MUAs:

Select your clients carefully - Don't just grab at an appointment or potential because you're on the hustle. Maintain your standards. Some people book you to cook;  you...dig?
Select your colleagues carefully - This is a cut-throat business. Don't start nothing won't be nothing. Maintain your standards. Keep your comments honest TO THE PERSON if you must say anything at all.
Critique each other's work - WITH EACH OTHER. Clients can be deadly! 
Maintain your composure - Please stop airing your grievances on social media people! It's played out. Clapback season needs to die!!!
Finally: ENJOY your craft. Beauty is a huge business. We are supposed to be enhancing it not fuelling fires and feuds of ugliness. 

Let's be a little more understanding and accepting of each other. WE were all created differently and that's why all of us are still making money. WE are UNIQUE. Our styles are unique. Our philosophies are varied and our aesthetic is exactly that: OURS. Keep testing yourself  - I do. Keep criticising yourself. Stay motivated. Stay focused and in your lane. 

Our community is small; let's make it vibrant, healthy and beef free!! 

Yours in love and beauty, 

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