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Lucinda - Thank You

Hi #mavenz,

My Lucinda. I am here bawling as I type this because not a lot of people understand what she does. This blog is like her baby, she researches, posts, fusses with me if I neglect to embolden, hashtag, link (Dear God she's a blog bully but I love her). Regardless, Lucinda has been the bedrock for a long time.

For the last three months, I've been sick. Not only have I been in hospital, but just looking at a computer, phone or tablet made me physically ill. I just could not function. And have you, the blog or Moden Makeup been neglected? Far from that Lucinda took on the IG profile maintenance, plus event attendance, answering emails and Facebook messages and fielding the occasional, "am Heidi alright?" questions.

She still managed to do her usual work for Moden, keep a house and five children (Logan is a terrorist and clearly possesses the bodies of five naughty children in there lol) and look glam while visiting me whenever she could and calling constantly to make sure I wasn't croaking yet :') (joking).

Miss. Lucinda Robinson, Blogger Extraordinaire & My BFF.
Photo compliments: Chris Butcher for Firefly Photography
Her dedication is not to be taken lightly. Given all that she has done for our business she deserves more than a thank you post. HOWEVER, Lucinda knows how I feel about thanking people. And if I buy all the makeup in the world for her it still can't compare to the love that I have to give to her.

Not because she has taken this project and ran with it, not because she keeps me in the makeup stash, all of that is immaterial, but because she is SELFLESS. Lucinda is generous with her time AND with her knowledge, she has a big big heart and even when I want to put my foot down and say no more; she finds a way to make it feasible, possible and executes. Who does that? A person with a huge amount of love, ambition and commitment.

So my friend, thank you! Thank you for taking the time, making more than an effort and being as dedicated as you are. Many have come and gone but here we are four years later and still happy. Sounds like a bomb ass relationship to me!

I love you,

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