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Weekend Beauty Time

Hi Mavenz!!

I thought I'd share my most used and loved products for my weekly grooming ritual. The process is usually simple and I generally don't switch up my products unless I get a new one to try out, or I come across something intriguing.

Given the vicissitudes of life, grooming may very well be a thing of the past. However, taking good care of ones body should always be a priority, after all #yolo. So I firmly believe in looking after this lil soul case while I have the strength and fortitude.

Enough babbling, I'll go in stages so I don't miss anything out. If this is #tmi OOPS sorry, but I will leave no stone unturned in my quest to get you to use the weekend to address your necessaries (is that even a word?? lol)

Shaving/Hair Removal

VERRRRY sensitive subject for me. I am INCREDIBLY hairy. As I tell people, there can't be an abundance on the head and nowhere else. That's called a UPART (no shade and I own one).  My uncle used to tell me he knew I was my Dad's child from my bushy eyebrows and sideburns (kill me now). Talk about emotionally scarring!

Anywho, I prefer to use the NAIR Hair Removal Creme for coarse hair on the following body parts, judge me if you must but I bet ya'll have seen Queenii Rozenblad gettin her moustache and brows with the facial hair version of this sucker.

Here's where I remove hair from:
Nether Regions: (pubic area and my tummy)

I have been using NAIR since my Lodge School days. It's easy to use, effective and long lasting. The smell is a bit obnoxious but the results are fabulous. IF you find the skin surrounding the area of application gets tender, use a little Vaseline/Petroleum Jelly.

The NAIR retailed for $14.55BBD.
Now more recently given my weight gain (ahem) I find it quite difficult to shave my legs using my Venus Razor. I do however, bust it out when these little spiry hairs start affecting the little leg rub I get from my husband Anderson. Onstan? Good lol.

My mainstay from the time I was about 18.
Haircare & Treatments

Then there's my hair. Having worked in a salon and paying attention to what my stylists have done over the years, I have been able to mimic their HAIRCARE techniques. I am by no means good at styling my own hair. Short of hot rollers and a flat/curling iron; I'm mehh ok at doing hair. On an average day my hair is in a bun/ponytail. It's way too thick and outside too hot to be messing around with a bob/shoulder length hair ya'll.

I digress. I am allll about haircare. I have many products and buy more regularly. So much so that I find myself rediscovering a conditioner or keratin treatment that wasn't used up. Can you say #shopmystash?

The Tresemme line of products is my go to. When I travel I stock up. There's usually a sale on their shampoos and conditioners at Walmart, Walgreen's or Target and I make it my business to get a good supply. I've found that three or four 32 fl oz of each product last me a year if I visit my stylist every 2 weeks with me washing and treating my hair weekly.

Left-right: Tresemme Luxurious Moisture Shampoo, Design Essentials Peppermint & Aloe Scalp Shampoo, Tresemme Perfectly Undone Conditioner, Vitale Hair Mayonnaise (small almost empty tub in the middle), Africa's Best Super Gro Hair & Scalp Conditioner, Vitale Olive Oil 4 in one Growth Treatment
(great for itchy scalp and moisturising purposes)
Over board with the shampoo? Nah, I sweat in my head AND my hair texture and scalp do not allow for me to go past a week and a half without a good deep wash and conditioning. Smelllllly and dusty are NOT the business.

I also treat my scalp with an ointment/oil concoction I mix up. As well as an anti itch something or other usually from VITALE or Design Essentials (see photo above), just to keep the dry scalp under control. I love lil grease too, so after I wash and air dry my hair, it's a grease down de roots sitch.

Keratin treatments are my fave! I love the effect they have on the cortex of my hair and as soon as I am physically able I'm going for a Beautox/Keratin Treatment! It keeps my hair shaft smooth, silky and easy to wrap at night too! Want me to talk more about keratin? Comment below!! Shout out to my girl Tomi! An old schoolmate of mine who writes an amazing blog about her hair journey, check it out here! She is way more thorough and committed than me and  her hair growth? Phenomenal!

This is the comb I use when I detangle after regular conditioning for 2-15 minutes (depending on how long I can stand the cap on my head) and this Aphogee Keratin Treatment smells good is inexpensive at $6.99 and provides two sachets so I can treat my hair twice for the price!

During my hair removal & washing processes I use a face mask. Typically the Queen Helene Mint Julep or a turmeric or oat mask. I have large pores AND oily Combination skin soooo  I need to address that on the regular.

Sun Protection

I am not going to lie. I am hardly ever in the sun. HOWEVER I am not about to start looking like a ream of crepe paper by 35 see? So I am currently using a primer with SPF and for my body these two products right here. The banana boat for when I'm going to the sea or in a car with no ac/tinted windows and the L'Oreal for every day.

Sun Protection Products.
Once the hair and skin are taken care of it's time to relax. Since Lucinda introduced me to these BBW candles I've been like a woman possessed. I keep them in stock (of course my stock is slim compared to hers, I need to go and raid her stash now). I also have a love affair with washing my hands. So the Gentle Foaming Hand Soaps are in every bathroom in my house AND the kitchen (obsessed).

Just placed an order for some new ones. Will haul as soon as they come in!
I usually don't paint my toes. BUT I love a good pedi. I am not able to get pedicures at the moment and for a few months yet I'll have to look after my feet myself so the MR Pumice man made foot scrubber does the job quickly and effectively. They can be purchased on line ( or at Paradise Beauty Supply, Broad Street (Next to Cave Shepherd where Mademoiselle was located).
Yes, extra coarse lol.
For my hands I moisturise with any old lotion I have on hand. I do a hand scrub (olive oil & brown sugar) monthly or when my hands are super dry. I am in need of a good cuticle oil though. I love the papaya one from Cuccio, but if you have any recommendations, please comment below!

With daily application lasts me about a month.
And that is a rundown of my Weekend Grooming/Beauty rituals. Now it's not every weekend that I have the opportunity to do the WHOLE thing. I must admit if I miss something out, I usually correct it before midweek. So give yourself a break and do one or all of these things. If you're into your skincare, treat yourself to a facial sauna (hot pot of water with lil lavender and vanilla in it) and
de-stress. Paint your nails or apply a little self massage to your tired feet. You deserve it.

What is your weekend beauty ritual that prepares you for the gruelling task filled week ahead?


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