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Let's Talk Polish

Just like May's post this one is brand specific. It's all about the Essie Luxeffects range. Essie says: "my luxeffects are always the life of the party...if you want a fashion-forward finish, slip on my 'luxeffects' top coat to polish off any look with dazzling dimension". Luxeffects are marketed as top coats. On the website there are nine available; I currently have six of them.

Essie Luxeffects Collection

Regular readers know how I feel about 'A Cut Above'; it's described as a "shattered pink diamond glitz" and was the first of its kind that I purchased. I usually wear it with nude polishes but of late I've been mixing it with metallic manicures and loving the outcome.

Orly 'Rage' + Essie 'A Cut Above'
Orly 'Rage' + Essie 'A Cut Above' 

That remained my sole darling for a long time until Essie expanded the range and I decided I wanted a few more.

'Set In Stones' is described as "disco mirror ball chaos" and was the first one that I ventured out with. Here I used it in my first attempt at a 'jelly sandwich'. I don't think I did it correctly cause apparently you're supposed to put a lighter shade over the middle coat...but it still came out sweet! I think this one has the best formula. After seeing how easily it spread across my nails I began wondering if I could wear the Luxeffects as a stand alone manicure.

Essie 'Bordeaux' + 'Set In Stones'
Essie 'Bordeaux' + 'Set In Stones' 

'Rock At The Top' was my full manicure guinea pig. Barbara - Sugar Cane Club Spa Manager - applied two coats here. While there is some negative space still visible on the nail bed, these polishes - well some of them - are so densely populated with various sizes of hex glitters that using them on their own is quite possible. Essie calls this one "pristine gold glitters for an elevated level of chic".

Essie 'Rock At The Top'
'Rock At The Top'

If you are going to use these alone I would recommend using a stickey base coat because without it the polish chips after about two days.

Essie 'Rock At The Top' after two days wear

Clean up can be a bit of a chore. You'll need a strong lacquer remover and a bit of elbow grease or you can try the peel off base coats that are on the market now. I tried the 'Glitter Off' by O.P.I - that funny enough smells just like Elmer's Glue - and it made removing 'Summit Of Style' a lot easier. On the flip side, if your hands are going to be in water frequently don't expect the manicure to last past a few days. 'Summit Of Style' is really gorgeous..."sparkling bronze glitters achieve fashionable new heights".

Essie 'Summit Of Style'
'Summit Of Style' (one coat)

I hope the previous photos display how similar in composition those are.

'Jazzy Jubilant' was late to the party. Late last year Collins raised their polishes to $14.75 and then $15.55. I had already made up in my mind to do this post and it was still a better price than the $22 (each) I paid in Stylish Apparel for 'Summit Of Style', 'Set In Stones' and 'Rock At The Top'.

Although it is described as "chromatic confetti-like glitter" I didn't find this one as charming as the others. It also contains various sizes of hex glitters but they're not as densely packed as the ones previously mentioned. I would only recommend using 'Jazzy Jubilant' as a top coat.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel 'Street Flair' + Essie 'Jazzy Jubilant'
Sally Hansen Miracle Gel 'Street Flair' + Essie 'Jazzy Jubilant'

FYI: I still put an actual quick dry top coat over these "top coats".

The straggler was 'Sparkle On Top'. This replaced 'Shine Of The Times' in this range as the holographic flakey offering but every nail polish vlogger I watch says it can't compare. You can watch JessFACE90's video to see what that looks like.

'Sparkle On Top' is very different from the aforementioned luxeffects polishes and like 'Jazzy Jubilant' works best as a topper. "Luminescent and holographic sparkle" is an apt description.

M.A.C 'Washteria' LE + Essie 'Sparkle On Top'
M.A.C 'Washteria' LE + Essie 'Sparkle On Top'

'Sparkle On Top' is not a unique polish though. Revlon 'Cosmic Flakes' is very similar.

April's polish haul (Revlon and Milani)

'Set In Stone', 'Summit of Style' and of course 'A Cut Above' have my heart. Anyone with a link to 'Shine Of The Times' please holla!

Essie Luxeffects Collection

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