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#TeamModen Workshops

Recently our friend Sabrina reminded us that Moden Makeup was officially launched four years ago.

Over those years I have witnessed Heidi's artistry improve tremendously. She is always seeking new avenues to learn, grow and create. Whether that's in the form of achieving international certification, assisting fellow makeup artists with their projects or practicing her craft for countless hours on end. As her confidence grew she, in her ever present giving state, decided to offer classes/workshops to assist women in learning easy makeup application. #TeamModen understands that it isn't always financially feasible to hire a professional MUA for every event you have to attend. So Heidi brings affordable, value packed training sessions to the market in hopes that more women will have some tips and tricks in their arsenal when prepping for, as Heidi loves to say, a "do down".

As a spectator I have also seen the growth in the quality of information offered. I know what you're thinking: I'm on the Team so I'm biased. While that is somewhat true; I also have the experience of attending practically every M.A.C Workshop hosted since 2010/11 to compare them to. Ask any longstanding M.A.C employee if you doubt me.

You can take a look at this video from September 2012 to get a feel of our humble beginnings. I say our since technically that was when I seriously started getting into assisting start-up brands with their social media presence. From that day I was impressed with Heidi's commitment to sharing her knowledge and empowering women. I don't make that empowering statement lightly. I have seen women's entire countenance change just from seeing themselves in the mirror after having their eyebrows professionally groomed. Now imagine the boost of confidence when they have the tools and knowledge to do it themselves!

Heidi's sessions are filled with giveaways. From the beginning, patrons are instructed to listen carefully since pop up quizzes occur throughout. That's what I meant re: delivering value; not only are clients given hands on, personalized information, they also are given the opportunity to win prizes. And if you know Heidi you know her heart is as big as an elephant so no one goes home empty handed.

That's another reason why I did my first giveaway collaboration with Heidi in January 2013; she is a giver that sees value in cultivating genuine relationships.

Fast forward to end of 2014 and we're still growing from strength to strength. We keep up-to-date with all the new products and trends so we can answer all your questions. Heidi is still giving away everything and the kitchen sink. Most importantly, we're organically expanding our Family base because we understand that you want the best products at the best price...and we let you know what the options are. 

There's no need to be intimidated; different Workshops are held for varying skill sets. And no matter what level you think you're at Heidi is always there to assist; with great patience I might add. Not into group activities? Private one-on-one sessions are available (contact Heidi directly via /

I've sat in on a few and I can objectively say that no man is left behind. Heidi, I am very proud of your progress.

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