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The Makeup Show New York Beauty Tour

May like it does be rough for me and blogging...I dunno why but I am having the toughest time getting back into the swing of things. Irony is, May 21 marked three years that this blog has been going. Take a look back at the very first post here.

On to business...

I'm still going to tell you about my Makeup Show experience but I believe the Beauty Tour deserves its own post. Please check out our Instagram page for the videos I posted along the way. I first must thank Sharalee for even telling me about the Beauty Tour. When I purchased my tickets for The Makeup Show I did notice that there were additional classes that you could pay to attend but I didn't really look through the events. It was Sharalee who brought this one to my attention. So I called, added this to the itinerary and they promptly got their $55USD.

Mr. James Vincent wanted to share his favourite beauty places and brands to shop in NYC. We were taken to M.A.C 7 W 22nd Street, Inglot, Sephora Meatpacking District, NARS 413 Bleecker, OCC and then the Make Up For Ever Boutique.

Prepare for picture overload.

M.A.C Pro Studio Tour -
M.A.C Charlotte Olympia Collection -
Sharalee and I TMSNYC Beauty Tour -
The mirrors in this Studio are huge!

M.A.C Future M.A.C Collection -
M.A.C Fall 2016 Trend Forecast -
TMSNYC Beauty Tour 2016 -

Inglot Perfumes -
I didn't even know Inglot made perfumes

Inglot Eyeshadows -
Inglot Sparkling Dusts -
TMSNYC Beauty Tour -

NARS 413 Bleecker Street -
NARS Pro Artist, Jenny Smith taking us through the paces of the runway demo

NARS 413 Bleecker Street -

 NARS Orgasm Limited Edition Super Size -
NARS 413 BLKR Collection 2016 -
TMSNYC Beauty Tour 2016 -
and there was champagne!

TMSNYC Beauty Tour 2016 -

OCC Nail Lacquers -
OCC Brushes -

TMSNYC Beauty Tour 2016 -
Make Up For Ever Aqua XL Eye Pencils -
TMSNYC Beauty Tour -
Israeli MUA, Esterique Aidan fixing up James' eyebrows

Cheesin' with THE James Vincent -
Sharalee, James and I 

In a word: amazing. The New York history lessons from James, meeting other makeup lovers who also came from far (Trinidad and Nigeria even), talking to the Pros - especially Lori Taylor Davis, Smashbox's Global Pro Lead Artist - , the hospitality everyone extended to us...just amazing. Most retailers offered some manner of discount to all patrons while others just honoured their Pro discounts for those who qualified. OCC was the most impressive since they gave us 40% off storewide.

Did I mention that they also gave us gifts?

TMSNYC Beauty Tour Swag -
TMSNYC Beauty Tour 2016 Inglot Gifts -
TMSNYC Beauty Tour 2016 Make Up For Ever Gifts -
TMSNYC Beauty Tour 2016 Sephora Gifts -
TMSNYC Beauty Tour 2016 M.A.C Gifts -
TMSNYC Beauty Tour 2016 Smashbox, Kat Von D, OCC and NARS Gifts -

Inglot killed it.

Anytime this Tour is available I suggest you get on that bus!


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