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2016 Makeup Use-Up Update

I think I've worn makeup less in the first half of this year than all of last year combined. I dunno folks; just totally out of it. So as you can imagine, progress has been slow. Looking back at the original post I notice that I put some additional items in the Use-Up basket. That's a big tip I'd recommend for anyone trying this Project Pan business: it's important to mix it up. You can introduce new items incrementally to accompany the staunch products. Especially if you're like me and struggle with same ole same ole. Anyho, there has been progress! The black|Up foundation is done. That's actually heart breaking cause they've since reformulated that product and I'm praying to the makeup gods that it's the same incredible-ness. The only other items that I've made any sort of dent in are lip balms: Dior Creme de Rose Smoothing Plumping Lip Balm Korres Lip Butter 'Mango' I've used 'Staunchly Stylish'

A First-Timer's Account Of Depotting Makeup

I haven't had indecisiveness over a post title like this since I did the first of these posts . Anyho, the show must go on. What I really hope to convey is: a) it's not as scary as you think but...b) there could be casualties, c) have all necessary tools at hand prior to commencement and most importantly, d) all powder formulas are not created equally. I think it was a Sunday afternoon when I finally decided to shirk off laziness and depot some eyeshadows. I'd recently purchased a limited edition Z palette and I was pretty sure that I was going to buy another at The Makeup Show New York . So I gathered my tools... Lemme back up, I watched this YouTube video and then I gathered my tools. The NYX shadows in the old packaging were easy . The mental pan housing the shadow was easily pried from its exterior plastic packaging using a knife. The new packaging - which is exactly like the M.A.C ones - was a bit more difficult. Heat was required to melt the plastic casing whi

#Anti-Haul | What I'm Not Gonna Buy

To find out what anti-hauls are all about and who inspired me to post my own please read the first installment . There very well might be an anti-haul every month at the rate these beauty companies are going. Kevyn Aucoin The Neo-Bronzer 'Siena' - $58 USD image This is another item that I really had my eyes on. I mean, just look at it! Reality is though that since the products aren't separated in the pan they'll most likely just muddle together. And if I want a highlight/blush/bronzer product in one - that black people most likely can only really use as a blush - I already have 'Ritual' from Laura Mercier . Sigh . It's pretty though. Becca Backlight Priming Filter - $38 USD image I took a sample of this with me to New York and when I tried it I was immediately impressed. I dunno if it was just because it was chilly and my skin was dry or the fact that the product wasn't a greasy shiny mess. Having the

Product Rave | First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser With Red Clay

#TeamModen isn't sponsored by First Aid Beauty; we swear. We just really love their products . From their site : " A GEL CLEANSER TO DETOX, CLEANSE AND UNCLOG PORES Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser with Red Clay removes excess oils, unclogs pores and purifies the skin with a powerful combination of Red Clay, Rosemary Leaf Oil and botanical antioxidants. By drawing out the skin’s toxins, this clay cleanser controls outbreaks and reduces sebum production for a more balanced complexion. Pores will instantly appear smaller, and the complexion will feel deeply cleansed. This foaming gel cleanser removes make-up, dirt and grime. It is perfect for anyone with problem-prone, combination or oily skin or as a deep treatment cleanse for normal skin. WHO SHOULD USE IT? Ideal for oily/combination or problem-prone skin, or anyone looking for an extra deep cleanse. BENEFITS Cleanses and detoxifies the skin. Unclogs and minimizes pores. Balances the skin and controls oil production. FEATURES N

The Curious Case of Summer Makeup

I find it intriguing that as the temperature heats up in the States, the majority of beauty vloggers I watch are going on and on about wearing less makeup cause they don't want it all to melt off. Totally understandable of course since in high humidity we don't want to feel anything too heavy or sticky on our skin. Problem comes when we still want our imperfections covered adequately. Why I called it intriguing is because this is what we face in the Caribbean year round - how to perfect the skin and obtain a nice #beatface in such a way that it stands up to the heat. It gets even hotter in the middle of the year. Sadly, that's when many of our Carnival seasons are; so we're going out more often. Event photography has put new pressure on us to look put together from start to finish. Not. I think if you paying all that money for an all inclusive + outfit + makeup + perfume, you should do as bad as you please and don't care who's watching. But I also understand t

Five Things I Always Do

Do ideas come to you in the shower too? Please let me know I'm not the only one...anyho, it dawned on me the other day that I've never posted Skincare Routine. That's partially because I'm still trying to find an ultimate dream team of products - cause I'm often trying something new and the other part is I really do believe that finding what works is a personal journey. While I may recommend things, I have no guarantee they would work for anyone else. I do have certain must have categories and I've done many product raves on skincare favourites . Maybe I'll have it all together some day. In the interim I wanted to document some practises I always follow that coincidentally relate to skincare. 1. 'Cream' my feet at night Is it only in Barbados that every moisturizer/lotion/body butter is called cream or is that a Caribbean thing? At any rate, this is a must do to maintain soft feet. Everytime I get a pedicure I'm always told that I'm

Faves In Five | June 2016

Half the year gone. "Time waits on no man." Jessup Tapered Highlighter Brush This was a prize from the I Heart Makeup Class that Heidi and I attended last year and I'm very happy to have it. It's great for applying both subtle and WOWZAH highlighters and it washes up well. Sally Hansen 18K Gold Hardener A recent purchase that I've already cracked into . It definitely hardens my nails but I think the gold flakes are just there to look pretty. L'Occitane Amande Shower Oil " This shower oil transforms, when in contact with water, into a delicate foam that gently cleanses the body. Lather and massage in the shower and rinse ." All that and it smells amazing. O.P.I Expert Touch Lacquer Remover This just might be my favourite nail polish remover. O.P.I Crystal File I bought the mini version of this some time ago and it doesn't hold a candle to the real deal. If you wear your natural nails - I mean with