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Lipstick Lover Tag

Two years ago it was the Lip Product Addict Tag , now April and Mallory have brought us the Lipstick Lover Tag. Check out their videos below: Well this self professed #lipstickjunkie has to weigh in. Check out the links provided for more information. Most Underrated Lipstick My initial response was the Too Faced La Creme Color Drenched lipsticks but a few beauty vloggers have expressed love for the range; especially the nude shades. So I will go with the black|Up lipsticks. I swatched the now discontinued '25' here . The formula is so comfortable, so pigmented and the packaging is sleek and sturdy. More people ought to be talking about these. '25' (left) and '05' (right) Favourite Discontinued Lipstick Well, not including the aforementioned, I'd have to say the Urban Decay Revolution lipsticks . It seems as though Urban Decay has just changed the packaging and introduced some new finishes...but I'm still salty that they di

Random Question

While going through my collection to verify my nominations for the Ride Or Die Tag it dawned on me that I have quite a few products that have yet to be opened. Okay. A lot of products aren't open. Am I the only one? Or do you all buss' dem in as dem land? Let us know in the comments.

Top Five | M.A.C

From watching Tiffany 's videos recently I was inspired to a Top Five series. Why not start with M.A.C since it's a brand I'm pretty familiar with ? <euphemism of the year> Check out Tiffany's video: In no particular order... Fix+ Still. I always travel with the mini size. Critical for the dewy skin sandwich . The only bad thing about this is that the spray dispenser/pump mechanism starts to act funny coming on to the end of the bottle. Prep + Prime Highlighter 'Peach Lustre' Yuh know yuh like something when the first one isn't finished and you already bought a back up . Although this is labelled as a highlighter I use it for colour correcting . Studio Fix Powder  If you have dry skin I'd recommend a Mineralized Skinfinish Natural or the Studio Careblend Pressed but oily folks, this is for us. You can control the coverage depending on what tool you use. It can be used as a setting powder - if you want to add ext

Ride Or Die Tag

The Olympics are over. We've laughed and cried with the spectacular athletes and now it's back to our regularly scheduled programming. When I saw so many videos popping up with this title I knew someone popular had created it. Lo and behold, it's Jaclyn Hill. While I'm not driving the JH Stan-wagon I can appreciate a good tag. The theme is your "holy grail" products; "if I could have just one" kinda ting. For regular readers many of these will be no surprise. Please check out the links provided for more information. Primer Hourglass Veil Mineral . Duh. Foundation For now it's still the original version of the black|Up Fluid Foundation . I have a couple new foundations to test though so keep it locked. Concealer Gotta break the rules already. I realise a lot of vloggers who did the tag just mentioned an under eye concealer cause they mainly use that type of product to brighten or highlight. I'm a big fan of using concealer to cov

Faves In Five | July 2016

Crop Over is over. The music was sweet enough dis year. In fact my first favourite is Lil Rick. Talk about consistently amazing? And I'm not even the biggest soca fan. Big tune! OCC 'Pool Boy' What a gorgeous blue polish. The shine on OCC cream polishes is just mesmerizing. If you want to try one for yourself check out The Marketplace . Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrub 'Tropical Mango' Amazing consistency. Amazing scent. I got this in Ulta but Sharalee recently discovered them locally in Shopsmart for $20. Zahra Beauty Spinning Lipstick Tower 1 A purchase I resisted for so long...but then I just had to have it. YouTube hype aside this is actually a great organisational tool. What's even sweeter is that now they're available in minis 1  (holds 49 instead of 81 lipsticks) :) Ole Henriksen Truth Sugar Glow Polishing Mask Sephora surely knows how to trap yuh wid samples. This mask promises to " deeply cleanse, smooth and b

#Anti-Haul | What I'm Not Gonna Buy

True to form; new month, new anti-haul. Read up on this series here . Lancome Juicy Shaker - $21 USD 'Mint To Be' image This almost had me in Saks Fifth Avenue but when I swatched 'Mint To Be' absolutely no pigment was visible. I know they're supposed to be sheer but I saw literally no colour. Then I swatched one when I saw some had finally reached Barbados. Seen in Cave Shepherd, Broad Street Out of the 17 shades offered we only got seven...and they're $53 BDS DP a pop. By that time I'd already seen Emily Noel and a few other beauty vloggers say that although these are pigment in oil, much like the YSL Volupte Tint-in-Oil, they're actually quite drying. Whey dey do dat at? Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Splits Shimmering Skin Perfector Mineral Blush Duo - $38 USD 'Prosecco Pop / Pamplemousse' image *yawn* Read how I feel about these YouTuber collaborations here . The packaging does

Would I Repurchase? Estee Lauder Little Black Primer

I'd seen Emily Noel speak so highly of this mascara that when I saw it in Cave Shepherd I grabbed it. Here's the marketing spiel: " Think of it as the little black dress for lashes. Unlike traditional lash primers that are white, this primer is tinted black, so you can use it on its own. Three ways to wear it: Tint : Colors and lifts bare lashes so they stay silky black throughout the day and even overnight. Amplify : As a primer, it’s the optimal mascara base for volume, lift and length. Set : Brush over mascara for a long-wearing, water-resistant topcoat that helps reduce smudging and flaking. No well-dressed lashes should be without it. Patent-pending formula. HOW TO USE Apply it on bare lashes for a softer, more natural lash look. Brush on as a lash primer under mascara. Wear as a top coat to set mascara. " Ah boy...when you read up on things they make so much more sense. If memory serves, Emily loved that this product allowed her lashes to hol

Pure Source Barbados Haul

I reserve most of the hauls for Keek and occasionally Instagram but this one is extra special. Fellow blogger, Corey Sandiford bless me wid a lil berry as the ole people would say. He's walking the 'Pay It Forward' walk and wished me abundance. Isn't that amazing? Especially in a time where most people are so self serving? Thanks again Corey. Your kindness is remarkable. I'm sure he wouldn't have wanted me to say all that publicly but I felt compelled to. Yuh see, it ain't like Corey and I are long time bosom buddies. I met him years ago via a mutual friend when they started a youth empowerment group. I was always impressed with his intelligence and commitment to make a difference. Well yuh know life often gets in the way of things and after a while we were no longer in touch. Fast forward to more recent times and we once again found ourselves in a circle via another friend. Again, I was given more reasons to impressed with Corey due to his reliabilit