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Ride Or Die Tag

The Olympics are over. We've laughed and cried with the spectacular athletes and now it's back to our regularly scheduled programming.

When I saw so many videos popping up with this title I knew someone popular had created it. Lo and behold, it's Jaclyn Hill. While I'm not driving the JH Stan-wagon I can appreciate a good tag. The theme is your "holy grail" products; "if I could have just one" kinda ting. For regular readers many of these will be no surprise. Please check out the links provided for more information.


Hourglass Veil Mineral. Duh.


For now it's still the original version of the black|Up Fluid Foundation. I have a couple new foundations to test though so keep it locked.


Gotta break the rules already. I realise a lot of vloggers who did the tag just mentioned an under eye concealer cause they mainly use that type of product to brighten or highlight. I'm a big fan of using concealer to cover hyperpigmentation on my face so I gotta mention two. Under eye: Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Flawless Wear. Face: Smashbox HD. This is another category that's subject to change because I have a lot of concealers in the stash that are yet to be opened.

Concealer stash -

Face Powder

Another area I have quite a few options for but I have to give it to the workhorse: M.A.C Studio Fix Powder.

Under Eye Powder

I actually had to think a lil bit for this one. Then I remembered what I use the most: Make-up Designory Loose Powder 'Desert'.

Make-up Designory Loose Powder 'Desert -


I honestly can't say. If you want to know a few of my favourites check out my responses to The Blush Tag.


This is how yuh know a white girl created this tag. #noshade cause I actually have a few bronzers in my collection but I rarely use them for their intended purpose, which is warming up the perimeter of the face. If I was pressed to pick, the bronzers I'm most impressed with are the ones from Guerlain. Their packaging is luxe. The product is finely milled, buildable, easy to blend and pigmented. On us black girls certain shades can work as finishing powders. The Four Seasons bronzers even come with a blush shade.


Lawdamercy. This question just ain't fair. Under duress I will say Bobbi Brown 'Bronze Glow'. I intend to do The Highlighter Tag so we'll talk more about my stash then.


Another rough category. Upon serious reflection I'd have to say the Maybelline the Falsies Volum' Express Flared for its price and easy accessibility, but Lancome Hypnose Drama and Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill have my heart. I have more mascaras than concealers waiting to be tried so this too might change.


Roughhhhhhhhhhhhh. Self professed #lipstickjunkie here. Since you're twisting my arm I'll go with Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipstick 'Irresistible'. Check out a swatch here.

Liquid Lipstick

I'd have to tell you my pick for the moment cause when I'm done trying all my recent and not so recent purchases there could be a new Queen. While I'm a fan of the Dose Of Colors formula I had to do some serious thinking about the liquid lipstick that I've worn the most. That's Pretty Zombie Cosmetics 'Dahlia'. Please note that I'm not a fan of those ultra-drying-gonna-crack-off-your-lips formulas so if you are you might not like this. Check out a swatch here.

Liquid lipstick stash -


Cheap and sweet: NYX Butter Gloss. 'Praline' if we're being strict about naming just one.


False strip eyelashes not the Caribbean meaning of the word. This is a n/a for me. I've never applied eyelashes before. Kinda scared to do so too. I would have to ask Heidi which ones she thinks best suit me.
I have had individuals applied and I get why people love them. They instantly glam up any look. It's nothing I care to maintain cause I literally have too many mascaras to review. If you're in Barbados and need yours done you gotta check out Finally Hair Beauty Salon. Lisa will hook you all the way up.

Eyeshadow Palette

Again, regular readers know that this isn't my bag. I do have a few palettes and of them the original Lorac Pro stands out because of its versatility. The packaging's slim construction also makes it ideal for travel.

Setting Spray

I've yet to open my Skindinavia Bridal so I gotta go with the trusty Kat Von D 'Lock 'N Load'.

I saw MakeupByCheryl add Brows and Eyeliner as categories so I'll share my top picks for those as well.


L'oreal Paris Brow Stylist Plumper.


Y'all know of my struggles with black liquid liners. I don't even attempt applying gels. So I gotta shout out my colourful pencil liners again: Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils.


No contest: Christian Dior L'Or.

"DESCRIPTION: J’adore L’Or is an ode to Noble Materials, a sensual fragrance with balance that stems from a harmonious blend of several floral Absolutes: May Rose Absolute and Grasse Jasmine Absolute. 

These Absolutes comes from the flowers harvested at the Domaine de Manon, which are exclusively reserved for Dior. The unique climatic conditions in this exceptional region, located between the sea and the mountains, give the flowers their fully original character.
Delicately blended together with rare ingredients, the Indian Tuberose and Tahitian Vanilla Absolutes unleash their highly seductive oriental notes, enveloping the floral notes in a voluptuous caress.
Highly concentrated and as subtle as it is opulent, J’adore L’Or is a genuine olfactory challenge: the encounter between Grasse and the Orient.
" Shorthand? #baybadness. In a 'grown and sexy' kinda way.

I tag anyone that wants to share their answers. Leave them in the comments if yuh wanna.

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