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Lipstick Lover Tag

Two years ago it was the Lip Product Addict Tag, now April and Mallory have brought us the Lipstick Lover Tag. Check out their videos below:

Well this self professed #lipstickjunkie has to weigh in. Check out the links provided for more information.

Most Underrated Lipstick

My initial response was the Too Faced La Creme Color Drenched lipsticks but a few beauty vloggers have expressed love for the range; especially the nude shades. So I will go with the black|Up lipsticks. I swatched the now discontinued '25' here. The formula is so comfortable, so pigmented and the packaging is sleek and sturdy. More people ought to be talking about these.

Too Faced La Creme Color Drenched lipsticks -

black|Up Paris lipsticks -
'25' (left) and '05' (right)

Favourite Discontinued Lipstick

Well, not including the aforementioned, I'd have to say the Urban Decay Revolution lipsticks. It seems as though Urban Decay has just changed the packaging and introduced some new finishes...but I'm still salty that they did away with this line. 'Venom' and 'Sheer Rapture' are especially gorgeous and thankfully have been carried over in the rebranding.

Urban Decay Revolution lipsticks -

Lipsticks That I Have Backups Of/ Have Repurchased

Maybe they're too many lipstick formulas out there to try for me to repurchase one. I do have to give a special shout out to M.A.C's Creme In Your Coffee though; if I ever I got through all the other shades I have that look like that then...

Favourite Lipstick Packaging

Yuh might think because I have Rouge Louboutin and Tom Ford lipsticks that I would mention those but nah. The prize for most impressive packaging has to go to Guerlain, notably the Rouge G line. The packing is so weighted that if you threw it at someone it would injure them. When you eject (?) the bullet the top of the case flips up to reveal a mirror. How fancy is that?

Guerlain Rouge G Lipstick and KissKiss Lip Balm -

Favourite Liquid Lipstick Brand

I read that when I jotting down my answers as 'Favourite Lipstick Brand' so lemme go and ease in that mention: I've said numerous times that the NARS Audacious, Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy and the Too Faced line that was previously mentioned are among my top lipstick favourites; but when I check my stash it's clear that M.A.C is a prominent feature. Especially the lipsticks in special limited edition packaging.

M.A.C Limited Edition lipsticks -

Now to answer the actual question; like I said in the Ride Or Die Tag I don't have one. They're just too many left to be tested. The one I have worn the most though is 'Dahlia' from Pretty Zombie Cosmetics.

Pretty Zombie Cosmetics 'Dahlia' -

Favourite Lip Combo (liner, lipstick, gloss)

I don't think I've ever worn those three elements together. It's either liner plus lipstick or liner plus gloss. I couldn't list just one:

M.A.C Pro Longwear Lip Liner 'Staunchly Stylish' + NYX Butter Gloss 'Praline'

M.A.C Pro Longwear Lip Liner 'Staunchly Stylish' + NYX Butter Gloss 'Praline' -

M.A.C Lip Liner 'Nightmoth' + any red lipstick

M.A.C 'Nightmoth' + 'RiRi Woo' swatch -
M.A.C 'Nightmoth' + Pretty Zombie Cosmetics 'Dahlia' swatch - www,

L. A. Colors 'Sienna' + M.A.C 'Pander Me' and
NYX 'Plum' + any mauve lipstick.

The lipstick that is always in your purse/the lipstick you have to take on vacation

I prefer to carry glosses day to day but I've also grown an appreciation for sheer lipstick formulas. Hence the lipstick that's been toted around with me the most is Estee Lauder Kissable LipShine 'Ibiza Kiss'.

A lipstick that you regret buying

I don't regret buying any lipstick. If I had my way I'd try every formula there is so I could let you know what's worth it or not. When I think really hard I can say I'm not a fan of: the L.A.Splash Lip Couture formula because they're too drying; most L'Oreal lipsticks because they smell terrible and I wish I knew previous to purchasing my first mini duos that the Bite Beauty Luminous Creme formula can't cope wid dis Buhbaydus heat.

Let us know your choices in the comments.

p.s. the lipstick holder is the Zahra Beauty Spinning Lipstick Tower; you can purchase one here1.

1 Affiliate link. Thanks for supporting the blog :)

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