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Tata Harper Meet and Greet

Pure Source Barbados recently hosted a Tata Harper Meet and Greet with their regional trainer for the East Coast and Canada, Dana Isernio. Customers were invited to receive mini facials as well as find out more about Tata Harper Skincare.

Tata Harper's Dana Isernio -

Dana is very knowledgeable about the brand and was able to recommend different products to each customer based on their specific skin concerns. It is evident that she believes in the Company and she even stated that she was a faithful customer before she took the job.

Tata Harper Products and Mini Facial Set Up -

Tata Harper Skincare is a luxury green beauty line with luxe packaging. Many of her products are raved about by skincare expert Caroline Hirons, whom you know I reference often. Right away I asked Dana about the use of certain essential oils in their products and the propensity for them to cause skin irritation and/or photosensitivity. She assured me that their chemists use the extracts in the right form (mostly the vapours) and amount to only be beneficial to their customers. I was even more intrigued. 

Tata Harper Products and Supernatural Collection -
Tata Harper Supernatural Collection -

At the event, the Supernatural Collection was launched. From the Tata Harper site: "our most advanced collection of natural skincare treatments, delivering truly transformative results for aging concerns." That Concentrated Brightening Essence has my name all over it. Fair warning: this line is the top shelf stuff and it carries the price tag to boot.

Another item that dazzled everyone is the Honey Blossom Mask. This is the first time I've ever witnessed someone put a mask over a cleaner. The results were gorgeous; everyone's skin looked plump, hydrated and glowy. The behind the scenes scoop on this mask is that somehow the combination of the ingredients - (Aloe barbadensis Leaf Juice*, Mel/Honey/Miel, Salix Alba (Willow) Bark Extract, Sclerotium gum, Maltooligosyl Glucoside, Leuconostoc Ferment Filtrate, Aqua/Water/Eau, Lactobacillus/Punica granatum Fruit Ferment Extract, Beta vulgaris/Beet Root Extract/Extrait de racine de betterave, Lactobacillus Ferment, Hydrogenated Starch Hydrolysate, Hydrolyzed Corn Starch, Olus/Vegetable Oil/Huile végétale*, Mica, Sodium Phytate, Aroma**, Natural and Organic flavors, Iron Oxides (C.I. 77891, C.I. 77491)

*Ingredients from Organic farming

**Clinical grade essential oils blend
) - created a stunning golden shimmer.

Tata Harper Honey Blossom Mask -

I fully intended to purchase a Nourishing Oil Cleanser at this event. I received a sample with a previous purchase and was totally impressed with its effectiveness at removing mascara. As I explained to Dana, I much prefer pump top bottle packaging for cleansing oils. Speaking of samples, that was something else we discussed and once more I have to applaud the Pure Source Barbados Team for being very helpful with product recommendations and providing samples. After watching Dana work and seeing the products perform I had a whole lot more on my list 😆

Finally I decided to start with the Tata's Daily Essentials Natural Antiaging Skincare Discovery Kit. I'm most excited to try the Hydrating Floral Essence, Resurfacing Mask and Regenerating Cleanser. These types of events are a great way to learn more about products and get one-on-one advice. Dana said that Tata's products are designed to be used right after one another; so no need to wait around for the previous item to 'sink in'. She even said you could mix the serums and creams together and apply all at once. The packaging of each item gives clear instructions on how and when to use it. The Tata Harper line prides itself on being free from: synthetic ingredients, GMOs, fillers, gluten and synthetic fragrances. 

As a gift-with-purchase I received two sample jars of the Smoothing Body Scrub and Redefining Body Balm. The latter claims to be a "stretch-mark minimizing elasticity treatment". That sounds interesting.

Tata Harper Gift with Purchase -
Tata Harper Gift with Purchase -

I'm looking forward to trying a lot more from this brand. A big thank you to Dana for answering all my questions and schooling me on the fact that it clearly says, "for best results apply to dry skin..." on all their cleansers. I gave the Purifying Cleanser a bad rap on Instagram recently and now I know it was completely user error. Dana also shared some great information about eye creams; notably, encouraging us to check the ingredients to make sure we're not buying overpriced face moisturizer.

After Dana gave me a mini facial

 I hope you get to revisit Barbados soon Dana 😊

This line is for those of us that are serious about skincare and are ingredient fanatics. Upon first impression I'd recommend the:

Nourishing Oil Cleanser (as a makeup remover)
Regenerating Cleanser
Hydrating Floral Essence
Honey Blossom Mask
Revitalising Body Oil, and
Be True - Plumping & Line Reducing Lip Treatment

International readers you can find Tata Harper products on her site or


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