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Intimate Waxing | My First Brazilian Wax Experience (Adults Only) 18+

My lovelies!!!

I know I know, it's been awhile. I been booked.

Corny, but that's why you love me!


It was an intimate wax, so please keep an open mind.

Onto the meat of the matter. SHOUT OUT to Roshane My Wax Therapist The Pretty Kitty, and the sweetest, most patient, gentle soul ever to place their hands on my glorious gin gina (as my baby boo Chiara) calls her vagina.

I have been toying with the idea of showing before and after photos of Petal (that is what I call my vagina) but the husband declared it was a no from him in the early. Sorry, my nether regions are not for public viewing. I am truly devastated. Show and tell is my lifeblood 😂

When I booked the appointment with Roshane it was for a leg wax. And then I changed my mind.
Upon realizing that it was time to get rid of my hair down there I really didn't relish the idea of Nair chemically singeing my parts.  So I went with my big fashion self and said Roshane let's do a Brazilian, AHHHHHHHHHH!

What I truly expected from a pain perspective was unwarranted. It was almost pain free. Roshane was professional with me from the beginning offering advice and a solid confirmation that it wasn't going to be painful and I was in capable hands. I had spoken to a few friends prior to ultimately making the decision and they assured and reassured me that it would involve minimal pain and yield positive, clean results.

My fears were that after the waxing I would have a prickly, sticky, uncomfortable feeling and major soreness. But I am jumping too far ahead. Let me lay the scenario for you.

I absolutely LOVE the attention to detail.
Roshane confirmed with me two days prior (I am told this is the norm and I truly appreciated it, because she is BOOKED!!!) I also received a confirmation message via WhatsApp early the morning of. Subsequently, the directions were also sent which I was able to input to Waze and off I went.

The Pretty Kitty Salon is absolutely relaxing. Private, contained, sterile and attractive with a hint of girly sophistication. I was blown away by the fact that there was a little foot stool for the vertically challenged such as me and delighted when I was able to remove my undies, zero inhibitions here! I took off my dress too so that I wouldn't get any wax on it. (I kept my bra on).

The procedure was quick, clean and non-invasive. It was also uninhibited, my legs were gently pushed and placed wherever Roshane needed to access the areas she needed to create my plane of even clean virgin skin. Along with the Brazilian and because I am a hairy beast I had my bottom done as well. I felt no pain at all! Needless to say we chatted about everything from how our days go to types of wax, experiences with waxing and I felt like I was at the spa having a treatment with the intermittent tug and pull of the wax.

When I was finished, I marvelled at the amount of tongue depressors (wooden sticks) Roshane used to apply the wax. I did waxing back in the day and while I was super anal about how hygienic I was I never used that many. The wax pot was clean and no traces of wax were anywhere to be seen. And Roshane also wore gloves, well hallo!

So here are the pros and cons:

  • I was afraid for no reason. Yes that is a con because if I had been calmer, I would have relaxed and enjoyed the process a lot more
  • It went by too quickly. I honestly felt like I was being pampered, there was minimal pain when the top of my vagina was waxed, nothing to write home about
  • The tweezing sucks, it's annoying, but I know it is necessary
  • I couldn't have the vajaycial (pron: vuh jay shull) immediately after *womp womp* (what is this you ask? Stay tuned)
Pros: (Did this last cause there are MANY)
  • My vagina is smooth
  • My vagina is hairless
  • My vagina smells divine all on it's own. If you've had a c - section or sweat in your genitals you know what I mean. TMI? Sorry not sorry #facts
  • No more itchy skin, or dryness I usually have to apply Vaseline to keep the outer vaginal area moist
  • It looks times better
  • I received a lotion to assist with minimizing regrowth and strict detailed instructions on what to do with it
  • I have added it to my monthly pampering/lady duties
  • The Therapist is gentle, respectful, professional, confident and discreet
  • I will be having a vajaycial in a few days
  • I just make sure my vagina is clean but I never really paid exclusive attention to her. Now I have a way to give a very important part of my anatomy (a lot of action happens with this little lady I'm telling you) the undivided attention it deserves in a very necessary way. Who wants to see pubic hairs sprouting through their swimsuit bottom? Never sweet, nor cute.
  • Moses and I no longer have an excess hair growth issue in common
  • My husband is uber delighted and he was there during the process and assisted as well. I wanted him there for moral support AND cause I'm a chicken 😀 Plus he needed to see some of the things we go through for us AND THEM if you know what I mean
  • I never felt violated or like I was touched inappropriately. Most of the time I am pretty open with my body, a little less now since I've gained weight, but I know I have a lovely vagina so I really don't feel weirded out by people I know and trust seeing me naked. IF you are a little reserved however, Roshane makes provisions for that.
  • I feel like a new lady. When ones lady parts are treated with respect and tended to in a gentle, loving manner, one is inclined to return for treatment
  • Roshane is absolutely a doll, and makes you feel comfortable from booking until you leave!
So who's ready for Roshane to take them to Brazil? IF for no other reason than to cross it off your bucket list you MUST try it at least once. If your pain threshold is low, take some Panadol prior to the treatment and suck it up BUTTERCUP, your vag will thank you!!

What a lovely touch!
Thank you for being so awesome and friendly and sweet Roshane! See you soon.


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