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M.A.C Snow Ball Collection Haul

Who love off a M.A.C Christmas Collection? *raises hand*

Seems like I could be vex wid M.A.C six thousand times but I gine still look to see what they're releasing. This year, I feel dem #updeting

M.A.C Snow Ball Collection Colour display -

Gorgeous packaging. Improved eyeshadow formulas. Improved special edition brush quality. Did I mention the packaging? The only thing I could complain about is the ridiculously low stock sent of certain items.

M.A.C Snow Ball Collection eyeshadow palette display -
M.A.C Snow Ball Collection Kits -

I was able to see the collection in Miami before it reached local counters. This was a great opportunity since M.A.C never sends the entire collection to the Caribbean. Being a M.A.C head, I already knew what I wanted that wouldn't be available locally.

M.A.C Snow Ball Collection Haul -

The hot ticket items this year were the single eyeshadows. 'Stylishly Merry' in particular; all now I kicking myself for not ordering one. The next big thing was that M.A.C re-released Whisper of Gilt. This time though in a set that also contained a cosmetic bag and a short handled brush. 

#StoryTime: One early morning whilst watching YouTube, as I often do, I hurriedly switched over to the Nordstrom app and purchased their exclusive Snow Ball Face Bag without properly reading the description. Lo and behold, the Nordstrom version contains 'Show Gold' (a permanent highlighter). Dah fuh lick me!

M.A.C Snow Ball Face Bag 'Peach' -
M.A.C Snow Ball 'Show Gold' -

Meh. All's well that ends well since I've seen plenty videos which state that this nor last year's Whisper of Gilt version is exactly like the original.

Similar to the Mariah Carey Collection, numerous frost lipsticks were released. While I haven't worn any, I gotta admit that they're pretty to look at. That said, I feel the stand out lipstick this year is 'Rouge En Snow'; a gorgeous matte true red.

M.A.C Snow Ball Lipstick packaging -
M.A.C Snow Ball Lipstick 'Rouge En Snow' -

The surprise purchase (there is always a surprise purchase right?) was the Pigment and Glitter Kit 'Gold'. I regret not getting the 'Pink' one too. I know I've said a bariffle of times that I'm not an eyeshadow person. Yet, pigments always catch my attention. The 'Gold' kit contains M.A.C's stalwart 'Vanilla' pigment which I've always wanted. I prefer the bags that come with these kits too: they'd make a cute coin purse 😆

M.A.C Snow Ball Collection Pigment and Glitter Kit 'Gold' -

I think M.A.C did a great job this year. If you're looking for a gift for a beauty lover any of the kits would put you in good standing. Once again, we didn't get the pigment ones but the mini lipstick and lip glass ones are very nice. The bag sets are gorgeous. Man just get to a M.A.C counter.

Also, M.A.C Goodbyes! have shockingly reached our shores. Select products are 40% off. I almost picked up some more Vamplify glosses but the nail polishes ambushed me 😳 

M.A.C Goodbyes! Nail Lacquer Haul

Did you pick up anything from the Snow Ball collection? Let us know in the comments.


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