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Wish List Update

Recently I saw a video from Chelsea Garay with this title and I thought that was a brilliant idea. I've done a few Wish List posts here and I don't think I've ever updated you in this fashion. Let's fix that 😉 Today we're going to go over my first Wish List post; what did I buy? What was worth it? What is too expensive and I'm still dreaming? You get the gist. Be sure to click the links provided if you want more information. September 2013 Lorac Pro Palette  Bought it. Liked it . Barely used it tbh. Sold it. This palette is an excellent staple for eyeshadow lovers. Thing is, I'm only now appreciating eyeshadow palettes 😑 Hourglass Immaculate Foundation This is a funny story. I bought this in New York . Shade matching was a bit of a task cause yuh know the lighting in Sephora is terrible. Yuh shouldn't buy foundation without testing it first anyway since you don't know if it will oxidize . Anyho, I got 'Sable' and applied

Check out CoverGirl in iMart

CoverGirl has officially launched at iMart 👏👏👏 It's already taking off Trinidad and Aruba. The iMart Team was gracious enough to invite us to a demo where Mrs. Linda Caselle took us through the brand's product history. CoverGirl's foundations and mascaras are their hero products so Linda made sure to give us all the application tips and tricks. Such as: applying mascara to the lower lashes first  (I told you so!) and looking down, then pressing the wand at the base of the upper lashes then pulling through. The products are already in iMart locations across the island. Heidi 's coverage from iMart Sheraton I'm interested in trying their Simply Ageless and Vitalist lines...and the lip products of course. The Outlast Primer felt very promising. Linda promised that all the dark shades would be on shelves soon 😊 Look out for the nail polishes in early 2018 as well. Thanks again to the iMart Team for having us. If you can,

Uh Bariffle Ah Empties

This one's for you Melissa 😍 Recently in InYOUvations Melissa told me she was waiting on my candle reviews. Here yuh go babe: 'Cotton & Eucalyptus' Crisp is an excellent description for this. I would repurchase. 'Fresh Mint & Coconut' These are two things I wouldn't have thought to put together but they blend oh so well. " Creamy Coconut, Bright Mint Leaves, Deep Sea Water ". 'Sugarcane Pineapple' Sweet but not too sweet. 'Barcelona' and 'Lavender Vanilla' 'Lavender Vanilla' is a standard repurchase; I always have two of these in the stash . 'Mandarins & Mosaics' was an interesting mix; I noticed the citrus more than the vanilla. Gotta thank Heidi for introducing me to that one. 'Honeysuckle Bouquet' I mind lusting after the colourful jars ( so I can repurpose them ) and forget I don't like most floral scents. This one gave me a headache

Disappointing Products

Alas, every product can't be great. Disclaimer: if you love any of these I'm happy for you; they just didn't work for me. M.A.C Volcanic Ash Exfoliant I'm not a fan of the smell and the sugar crystal dissolve too fast for my liking. Zoya Remove+ Years ago a beauty blogger called Heidi swore that this had adverse effects on her nails. She showed how her nails were separating from their beds. Sooooooooooo many nail/beauty bloggers that I watch rave about this product so I say I woulda still try it. 😕 It ain't worth the hype. While my nails didn't react like Heidi's it definitely made them peel. Lancome Grandiose Mascara Talk about not worth the hype!  Neom Organics Perfect Night's Sleep Pillow Mist 'Scent to Sleep' Dear Neom, please bring back the 'Tranquility' Room Spray . Please. First Aid Beauty (FAB) Ultra Repair Lip Therapy I can't remember who recommended this but it didn't work for me.