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Uh Bariffle Ah Empties

This one's for you Melissa 😍

Recently in InYOUvations Melissa told me she was waiting on my candle reviews. Here yuh go babe:

'Cotton & Eucalyptus'

Crisp is an excellent description for this. I would repurchase.

Bath and Body Works 'Cotton & Eucalyptus' 3 Wick Candle -

'Fresh Mint & Coconut'

These are two things I wouldn't have thought to put together but they blend oh so well. "Creamy Coconut, Bright Mint Leaves, Deep Sea Water".

Bath and Body Works 'Fresh Mint & Coconut' 3 Wick Candle -

'Sugarcane Pineapple'

Sweet but not too sweet.

Bath and Body Works 'Sugarcane Pineapple' 3 Wick Candle -

'Barcelona' and 'Lavender Vanilla'

'Lavender Vanilla' is a standard repurchase; I always have two of these in the stash. 'Mandarins & Mosaics' was an interesting mix; I noticed the citrus more than the vanilla. Gotta thank Heidi for introducing me to that one.

Bath and Body Works 'Mandarins & Mosaics and Lavender Vanilla' 3 Wick Candles -
Bath and Body Works 'Lavender Vanilla' 3 Wick Candle -

'Honeysuckle Bouquet'

I mind lusting after the colourful jars (so I can repurpose them) and forget I don't like most floral scents. This one gave me a headache so I had to give it away. "The scent of early spring contained in a bouquet of sweet honeysuckle and pink peony with a touch of creamy vanilla".

Bath and Body Works 'Honeysuckle Bouquet' 3 Wick Candle -

'Twisted Peppermint'

Another standard repurchase. Must. Have. Two. Backups. 😍

Bath and Body Works 'Twisted Peppermint' 3 Wick Candle -

'Blueberry Twist'
Eden's Choice 'Kiwi Cucumber'
'Vanilla Bean Noel'

'Blueberry Twist' is the most outstanding Bath and Body Works candle here. I even saved that remaining wax to put in a wax warmer. The 'Kiwi Cucumber' scent surprised me in its soap form and totally won me over as a candle. I even gave Gerri an empty candle jar so I could get a bigger version 😆

Bath and Body Works and Eden's Choice Naturals candle empties -
Eden's Choice Naturals 'Kiwi Cucumber' 3 Wick candle -

There's plenty more; hol' tight.

What are your favourite candle scents?

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