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#Anti-Haul | My Brand Blacklist

In keeping with the Brand Awareness series, I was planning to do a Beauty Brands Drama series and discuss just that. The idea was scrapped cause really, I like to laugh and ting at dem tings but they don't truly matter in the grand scheme of life. What does matter though is that we be smart consumers. Let's not fall into mob mentality - whether for or against. Let's spend our money wisely and less susceptible to marketing ploys.

By all means, spend your money how you want. Like whichever brand you choose. Rep whomever influencer you "love". This is just my 10¢.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Decluttered Lip Products -

I bought one of his liquid lipsticks; I wore it once and then I threw it away (I didn't like the scent). Yuh see, I actually believe that this man is just an entertainer. He likes to say things for shock value. He likes the limelight...loves the attention. What he actually believes? I don't know if we'll ever really know. What I know fuh sure though is that he ain't tuh spend nuh more of my money. Just in case he truly is a black people hating, woman hating, poor people hating skelton. De man is a bully plain and simple; and he encourages his hoard to attack anyone that doesn't agree with his every thought. Erruh. Can the brand owner be separated from the brand? In this case, nope.

Halo Beauty

I 👏don't👏care👏bout👏nuttin👏dat👏woman👏offering. If you wanna say Jeffree has 'group think' trolls for followers yuh gotta admit that she has(d) mainly a mature audience. People that could express their disappointment without being nasty. And would you believe the woman class them all up as "negative" and get pun she high condescending horse and talk a roll? I personally feel she should delete she Snapchat cause dem rants ain't doing she no favours. Thing is, I respect the woman hustle...putting out numerous videos a week. But the disrespecting of her fan base that put she where she is is too much to tolerate. All that and she recommend an expensive Guerlain primer that I bought and it ain't really sayin nein 😒

p.s. don't take any supplements without doing adequate research...fardalessmo overpriced ones.

Guerlain Products -

Morphe Cosmetics

This is a running joke between Karolynn and I. She's always alerting me of when something new from this brand is coming out and I always say: "Crown aint got seyin like dat fuh less?!". Morphe up de ting wid affiliate marketing, annoyingly so. That ain't my problem wid dem. It's that they're overpriced. Men mekkin bank and it all gine to Cartier and in Jaclyn Hill closet *CACKLE* My one experience with any of their products was touching some of the brushes in Ricky's New York one time and they felt flimsy AF. But hey, Lasonta and Heidi like some of them so don't take my word for it.

Tarte Cosmetics

The debacle with the Tarte Shape Tape Foundation put the nail in their coffin. I wasn't offended by the dismal shade range cause lots of brands are shortsighted like that. It's how they handled customers expressing their concern that was totally disrespectful. Then to rub salt in the wound, they ran a competition and told their Snapchat following to go to their Instagram and flood the comments with palm tree emojis on any recent post *insert major side eye* I would tell dem de same thing I would say to "Scam Life Guru" (😆 I didn't make that up y'all) if wunna ain't prepared for your followers to express their displeasure don't be looking to tek dem money. Johnnies!

Sigma Beauty

I know one of their tools was in my 2017 favourites but if Heidi didn't give me that I wouldn't have bought it. Sigma started out duping M.A.C brushes fuh cheap and also pushed affiliate marketing hard. They were also one of the first brands to incorporate beauty influencer collaborations. Anybody remember the Paris palette? My gripe with them came when their prices escalated. Yeah yeah the cost of production gine go up but lawwwd man. Seems like they just dash whey dem roots.

This is all just my opinions folks. If you want to hear more on this topic check out this great video I just watched by JuliKayeArtistry.

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