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Top Five Tips For Beauty Blogging

Our 600th post 😀 Thank you for sticking with us.

1. Start with what you have. image

Precisely that. Years ago I thought I had to get at least half of a lipstick range to be able to do an overview. As you can imagine, such thinking is expensive. Cause de stores/brands ain't givin yuh nein. What's worse, by the time I accumulated what I figured was sufficient the interest in the product might be long gone. This tip doesn't only apply to products; it could be a backdrop, a camera...whatever. I'm sure you have a unique perspective that fellow beauty lovers want to hear. Just put the information out there. The fancier stuff will come in time. Trust.

2. Write what you want.

It doan mek nuh sense tuh force it buddy. Your authentic self is what you should be bringing to the topic. Your audience will find you, as they say. It has been my experience that a common interest can bring all types of people together. Your genuine expression is what will keep people engaged. Plus yuh could might as well write what yuh want since it's mostly you that will be reading it initially 😂

3. Do your research.

Provide the best information you can find. Think of what your readers would want to know and answer the question before they ask it. Think of the information you would want in order to make an informed choice and provide it to others.

4. Be consistent.

Feels like I'm preaching to muhself now. I'm not good at sticking to posting schedules but if you can, do that. Let the readers know what to expect from you. Hold yourself accountable. And if you're like me and write when you feel like; just don't fall off the face of the earth. Engage your people on other social media platforms. Let them know when you're having difficulties too. Their support will be the fuel that gets you through the tough times.

5. Give back.

They're limited minutes in a day and we should be very grateful when someone chooses to spend their precious time on any of our platforms. Show your supporters that you appreciate them. I don't just mean with tangible items (although giveaways are always cool); answer their queries, help them find solutions to their concerns. Do shoutouts. Spread an encouraging word.

If you're thinking about starting a blog, of any type, I hope you do it. Even if you use the medium as a personal archive for your experiences 😜

Take care of yourself.
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