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Pun De Cutting Board

Right away let's get to the update. From March's selection of products I only used one thing ๐Ÿ˜ข As I said here , I haven't been feeling the best so I have not been keeping up with things. Wanna guess what I used? Illamasqua Beyond Powder 'OMG' The formula of these 'Beyond Powders' is different from what's popular in the highlighter world now. This baked product imparts a customizable glow so it's a great addition if all you're wearing is a powder foundation. Suffice to say, I'm keeping it. I've decided to keep the other four products pun de cutting board and here's what I've added for the second installment: Maybelline SuperStay Foundation '356 Warm Coconut' Clarins Beauty Flash Balm PrimRose Beaute Luxe Setting Powder 'Slayahh' Stila Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow 'Wanderlust' NYX Cosmetics Strobe of Genius Illuminating Palette The Stila liquid eyeshadows have taken the be

M.A.C Mirage Noir Haul

The Summer 2018 collection is on counter now. By all accounts it's a solid one. There are a few repeats but that's standard operating procedure. First off: the packaging is beautiful. Jar M.A.C cashing in on the duochrome craze. If you're in need of a bronzing powder, why not get one now in a pretty compact? From watching review videos, immediately I knew I was going to get the "collectibles" i.e. the Pearlmatte Face Powder and the brush. Pearlmatte Face Powder 'Mother O' Pearl' If the brush looks familiar it's because it's the same one that was released in their  last Holiday Collection . This one just has a full sized handle. 140S 140SES At this point I always get a lipstick too right? ๐Ÿ˜ The lipglasses and eyeshadows looked great but I doubt I would have used them. You have to swatch those eyeshadows in person; M.A.C has really upped their quality. Matte Lipstick 'Beach Nut' I was sur

Faves In Five | Current Favourites

Well uuuhhhh this is awkward ๐Ÿ˜” Actually, what had happened was...between migraines and a wisdom tooth extraction I din much use tuh muh self for a while. My humblest apologies. I hope you've still been rocking with #TeamModen on Facebook and Instagram . Now let's clear away some cobweb and talk favourites. Bath and Body Works Tiare Monoi Body Oil  " Tiare monoi oil, made from Tahitian gardenia blossoms steeped in coconut oil, has been a beloved skin-conditioning secret throughout Polynesian history. Our illuminating Tiare Monoi Body Oil leaves skin feeling soft and beautiful with a long-lasting, subtle sheen. " Great scent and a little shimmer for that extra glow ๐Ÿ™ŒAvailable from InYOUvations for $27.50 BDS . NARS Lip Gloss 'Stolen Kisses' " Sparkling Caramel Pink. " My wife sent this for me and I am most grateful. I must have never tried a NARS gloss before because this formula was a new experience for me. The formula isn't s