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My Low Buy Year

Hannah Louise Poston is a great resource if you want to analyse your spending habits and cut down on shopping. Since watching her uploads, I've noticed it impacting other Beauty YouTubers I like: Elle S Angelica Nyqvist The beauty industry is really ovadoing it with the releases cause they realise consumers are just lapping it up. We really need to take stock of what we have and be more mindful of what we're purchasing. Personally I'm at a point where not much excites me and I truly need to cut my eye at the people tings 😁 That and Auntie Mia wanna put VAT on online purchases 👀I dunno how we gine survive bout hey! Of course I still wanna support the local M.A.C counters and attend Beauty Tradeshows so I gotta be realistic. A low buy suits me just fine. My rules, starting December 1, 2018: no new concealer purchases  no new powder (loose or pressed) purchases no new blush purchases no new skincare purchases *wheeze* no new nail polish purc

Unpopular Opinions Makeup Tag

First a bit of housekeeping: congratulations to Instagram user: @ _nicola.xo. You're the lucky winner of our last October Instagram giveaway. Please send me ( an email with your contact number. Check out the creators of this tag: Nobody's Beauty Guru and Ola Quinn. Let's get to it. 1. Popular makeup product you don't like. I only realised this year that I'm not a fan of the matte M.A.C Paint Pots. I know a lot of people use them as eyeshadow bases/primer but they just make my eyelids look textured and dry. I tried wid dem but it ain't fuh me. 'Quite Natural' 2. Popular makeup brand that everyone else seems to hate but you love. This is tough. Ammmm I know NARS made people really mad when they lost their cruelty free status so do they count? They still get my coins 😔 'Siouxsie' 3. Makeup collab you didn't like or were not interested in. I don't check for most col

The Wishlist Tag

DreaCN created this tag and I think it's a good one. Check out her video: Since I've been doing Wish List Updates of late I thought this was pretty timely. They're 12 questions so let's get on with it. What is the very next makeup item you're planning on buying? There are a couple things in my Nordstrom cart right now and I don't know if I'm gonna buy them all. Fo sho I'm getting the Nars Holiday Nordstrom exclusive Spiked Audacious Lipstick though. 'Sheena' image 2. If you could walk into Sephora TODAY and buy any one item (regardless of budget), what would it be? The Sunday Riley Ultimate Vault Collection. Y'all know how I feel about Good Genes plus I really want to try the U.F.O and Juno oils. image 3. What is the oldest item on your Sephora Loves List? The Cover FX Mineral Pressed Foundation 'G80'. I never got shade matched so thi