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#FlashbackFriday | IMATS Toronto 2019

After not attending this trade show since 2015 , we decided to give International Make-up Artist Trade Show ( IMATS ) another try; in a whole different country. It was my first time visiting Canada, so sightseeing was a must but of course we'd take any opportunity to attend a beauty tradeshow. By our standards, we got there late. So imagine our surprise when we had covered the exhibitors in about three hours. The event was held in one of the exhibit halls of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on September 28 and 29, 2019. A lot more brands were there; I wasn't even familiar with all the names. Still, it wasn't as big their New York offering. The tradeshow was well laid out and at that time in the afternoon it was still a little busy. An attendant told us that there were bigger crowds in the morning.  It was great to see NARS exhibiting again and also a pleasure to see Benefit Cosmetics have a booth. By the time we got to the NARS b

Uh Barrifle Ah Empties

More garbage 😆 Let's start with hair stuff. I love the Carol's Daughter Black Vanilla scent; their leave-in conditioner is a standard repurchase. Healthy Kinks Botanicals is a local brand that I support. Scalp oil? Yes. Twist and Style Cream? Yes yes. That Kopari "coconut melt" thing is an overpriced literally cash grab. It's just coconut oil folks. Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Moist again, standard repurchase . Lastly, Olaplex No. 3, presently I think this is the only product in the Olaplex range that's worth the money. Body stuff: Do I truly need to try so many body washes when I purchase Eden's Choice Naturals soap regularly? Absolutely not. I gotta cut back. Still, Mario Badescu A.H.A soap is a must have if you deal with body acne . Also. that new-ish Bath and Body Works 'Love' Jasmine + Sandalwood scent is everything . Smell goods: Repurchases all. Puressentiel really needs to make that Respiratory Air Spray in