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Oh How The Mighty Have Fallen

Sounds dramatic right? It is. For the first time since I can remember, I purchased nothing at a M.A.C Holiday launch event. Just for context, I've been religiously shopping with the local M.A.C franchise since 2010. Holiday 2019 was themed 'Starring You' and they really played it up with the displays and the packaging. M.A.C released, and re-released, a lot of products in this collection. As per usual, our store didn't get everything. Most notably, the Light and Medium Star-Dipped Face Compacts . I definitely would have bought that medium one.  The mini lip kits were out in full force. As you can see, the 12 set made yet another come back ...but it did include new shades. 'Whisper of Gilt' returned once again but this time in a kit with a dazzleglass and medium face fan brush. I mean, the things were pretty right? But I had my heart set on that Medium Face Compact and since it wasn't there I left with nada. I even considere

Top 20 for Spring 2020 | Sephora Sale Recommendations

I'm really conflicted about making this post. On one hand, it's tradition . On the other, we are in a global pandemic and a lot of people have lost their means of income. Added to that, Sephora seems not to be treating all their US staff fairly ...and generally things are a mess; do we even need more stuff? Hannah Louise Poston shared some gems recently about shopping sales in general. Then I saw Risa Does Makeup 's video and agreed with her method. So here are my top twenty recommendations. Things I would definitely repurchase. Most of them I've mentioned before so check out the links for more information. Kiehl's Buttermask For Lips (Overnight Lip Treatment) - $26 USD Herbivore Botanicals Jasmine Green Tea Balancing Toner  - $39 USD Youth To The People Age Prevention Cleanser  - $36 USD Youth To The People Superberry Hydrate + Glow Dream Mask - $48 USD Youth To The People Kombucha + 11% AHA Exfoliation Power Toner - $38 USD Olap

Sampled Out | Perfumes

Well howdy to a flaming 2020 💣 Ok, let's remain positive and do what we have to to beat this thing. If you're looking for a brief escape from the onslaught of bad news, #nojudgementzone here. Let me hop back into this blogging thing for a much needed source of distraction and hopefully; a lil product information. We've never really talked about perfumes before so let's do that: Maison Margiela REPLICA 'Dancing On The Moon' 0.04 fl. oz. Description : "Dancing On The Moon is an invitation to an extraterrestrial escape. The fragrance delicately combines a bouquet of white flowers with a soft mineral side. White Jasmine flower is lifted by aldehydes and moonflower notes. As the perfume evolves, the warmer notes of ambergris, musk and vanilla emerge. Feel the weightlessness of your body slip away from reality. Your ethereal moves cast pale shadows on the lunar landscape. A gracious defiance. This bright Eau de Parfum is part of the Replica F