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#LiveWithFive featuring Lasonta Sealy

Heidi had this great idea to conduct short interviews on Instagram . We spoke to a great group of people from various walks of life about their passions, dealing with the pandemic, their views on entrepreneurship, etc. #LiveWithFive was an Instagram series that we're bringing over to the blog. First up we have a long time supporter of the brand and our dear friend Lasonta. What we really really appreciate about her is that she loves local brands just as much as we do. She's also the beauty #NoBuy champion 😂 yet she's not afraid to try new things. We love learning from our community so we hope to share some of their tips with you . FYI Lasonta in a professional in the mental health industry . What does self-care mean to you? Self-care encompasses a conscious effort on one's part to make sure all of our individual needs are met. To elaborate, humans are bio-psycho-social beings. That said, taking care of yourself means attending to each aspect when the ne

Wish List Update

 If you're trying to curb your shopping habits, a wish list is a great tool. Write it down. Get it all out. Then wait a week and see if you're still interested . Another way to look at it is, a wish list is about goals. After a period of time you can look back on if you achieved them or if you moved on to bigger and better. Let's reflect on  December 2015 . 'Diorskin Nude Air - Glowing Gardens' Illuminating Powders 'Glowing Nude' made its way into my life. This product was so popular they made it permanent...kinda. While I have entirely too many highlighters, this is a purchase I don't regret. Dior killed this release. Chikuhodo Brushes Copped those too. And my love for Chikuhodo brushes has not relented. p.s. if you're ordering from Visage USA get your brushes engraved. Sunday Riley Face Oils Juno is still eluding me but I did try Artemis . The company has since discontinued that one so maybe they're aware of the formula issue. Luna might very

InYouvations has closed

😥 In either 2013 or 2014 I was on a quest to find Bath and Body Works 3 Wick Candles in Barbados. First place I saw them was in Bio Beauty ...for $80 #$%^&*@ dollars. Then I stumbled upon InYouvations in 2013. Taken October 2013 Sadly 2020 marks the end of an era. InYouvations closed its doors at the end of August. We gotta look elsewhere for our Bath and Body Works fix. At this point I just waiting fuh de aliens to announce their presence hear! So what's next?  Well if you're a die hard fan there's shopping from the site directly . Locally The Poppy Shoppe , GlowUp Beauty Supply Store  and Celebrate Everything have stock occasionally. If it's candles specifically that you're after, give Native Caribbean a try. Yuh know we love local brands 'round here. #rep246 I dunno if I'll still be posting about empty Bath and Body Works products . I'm trynna figure a lot of things out tbh.. Anyhow, please stay safe and sane.