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#LiveWithFive featuring Sabrina Clarke

The Carnival Queen has entered the chat. Sabrina is basically family to Moden Management, just ask Baby Moden . She works hard and plays harder. Sabrina is an inspiration; forging her way into entrepreneurship while taking care of her spoilt cats 😄 and extended family. FYI: Sabrina is an integral part of the local branch of Krave The Band . What motivated you to start Twisted Fate by SC ? I suffer from lots of different allergies, eczema on my scalp and hormone imbalances. I started making hair products because it was becoming extremely difficult to find products that didn't have some form of irritant (even some natural ingredients can be irritating) in them. Through trial and lots of error 😁 countless hours of research, trying different recipes and finally learning a very basic way of formulating my own product, I came across a set of ingredients that performed well together. They also didn't have any irritating effects on myself or anyone else who used the product. After ye

#LiveWithFive featuring Vandana Chatrani-Maycock

Next is up the leopard print Boss 😃 Vandana is that beauty loving friend everyone wished they had. She's always up on the new releases. She shops like it's an Olympic sport. Throw in that she can actually teach you how to apply eyeliner and we have a winner. FYI: Vandana is the Lead Makeup Artist for Miss Universe Barbados . I feel like you’ve been into skincare *forever* but we’ve only seen you talk specifically about your routine online in the last two years or so. What motivated you to start SKIN Beauty By Vandana ? I would say that skincare has always been my first love - and makeup pretty much came hand in hand with that. I’ve always tried to educate others about the importance of skincare and use the analogy to my clients ‘ you can’t build a house without a solid foundation ’. So makeup application without the base of correct skincare and primers is fruitless. Therefore my motivation to start Skin Beauty By Vandana was driven by the growing number of clients I came int

#LiveWithFive featuring Marsha Boyce

Marsha is no stranger to this blog. Regular readers will remember her mask reviews . So we know she's into skincare, here's an opportunity to learn a bit more. I've always admired Marsha's dedication; many times I thought she was away for work when in fact she paid her own way cause she just loves sports! It's not just a job for her...this is her thing. FYI Marsha is a co-host on the weekly online sports show #thisJUSTin Our beauty Marsha (center) with her co-hosts Justin (left) and Neil (right) If you had to choose just one skincare brand to use for the rest of your life what would it be? Hmmm, this is a hard one; but at present, it would have to be REN Clean Skincare . I haven’t been very diligent with skincare over the past few months (read as: most of last year lol) but am slowly reworking my routine! Does being in male dominated field pressure you to “show up” more feminine for work? As someone who has previously worked in sports media fulltime, and now mainly

#LiveWithFive featuring Asha Johnson

 Happy New Year 🙌🎊 ...or 2020 part two; whatever you wanna call it. Let's just hope this one ends better than the first shall we? Thank you for your support on the last blog post ! We're grateful to everyone that's agreed to partner with us on this series. One such lovely person is Asha Johnson. I've always admired Asha's hustle, drive and general love of all things beauty. She gets just as excited about the new releases as us mere enthusiasts; and she's dedicated to her professional craft. Did I mention that she's gorgeous? 😍 FYI Asha has published a booklet titled, ' Simply You: A Basic Makeup Application Guide For Today's Woman '.  You can only pick one: matte or glossy lip? I do appreciate both finishes and the qualities they offer. Gloss is quick and easy to apply and gives a fresh, natural look to your make-up but requires touch ups after. I’d have to go with a matte lipstick; a skilled hand is required to apply such formulas. Yes it’s a