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#LiveWithFive featuring Kimberly Justine Lewis

Kimberly is a Jamaican Attorney-at-Law living in Barbados. Another gorgeous woman that embodies work hard, play harder. I've always admired her fun, generous nature and the fact she's unabashedly a girly-girl. FYI: Kimberly recently contributed to the Organisation of Commonwealth Caribbean Bar Association (OCCBA) latest journal. Read her article titled: “Property Ownership in Barbados: From Chattel Houses to Mortgages” here . What exactly does a Conveyance Lawyer do? As a Conveyancing Attorney-at-Law, I specialise in the sale and purchase of property (land included). Generally speaking, conveyancing encompasses property law and contract law. My role as a Conveyancing Attorney is to provide quality legal services to all clients by ensuring the following: that the title to the property is deemed good and marketable by doing the relevant investigations on the title; and that the title transfer of the property is completed in accordance with the relevant laws of Barbados especia

#LiveWithFive featuring Omolara Lewis

Today's guest is literally a #fav 😍 I've been Omolara (and her Mom's) client from 2015. In addition to their impeccable work, they really made me feel like family. It's a real unit over there man. FYI: Omo recently started her lifestyle YouTube channel 🎊  This woman is serious about food, fasting, fitness, food, beauty, food and having a good time. Did I mention food? What’s the top lesson you’ll pass on to your daughter about loving herself; especially as a beauty with a deeper complexion? The top lesson I’ll pass on to my daughter is to love the skin that she is in! It is my duty as a black mom to teach her that black is beautiful . Some of the ways I’ve done this is by complimenting her, gifting her black dolls, preserving her natural hair and at eight years old she speaks openly about loving her dark skin and I am so proud of that. When did you start taking skincare seriously and what are your favourite products right now? Seriously about two years ago because

#LiveWithFive featuring Chloe Sandiford

Women are multifaceted. Women are diverse and amazing and complex and beautiful. Chloé is one such woman. She likes power tools and and getting her nails done. Don't let anyone box you in Ladies. You're free to be every woman. FYI: Chloé was featured recently in the Natural Cultural Foundation's For De Culture series. What motivated you to start Chosen Platters & Boxes ? So during lockdown (yup everything happened during lockdown!) when the Verzuz battle between Patti & Gladys was coming on my mom said she wanted a cheese I did some shopping, made this board and posted it on Instagram. A gf of mine saw it and asked where I got it from... I was I just made this! She asked me if I would do one for her and voila! Chosen was born!   How long did it take you to perfect winged eyeliner? Hahaha I still put on my eyeliner before my foundation in case I make a mess but PRACTICE PRACTICE...I swished and flicked every damn day un

#LiveWithFive featuring Karolynn Browne

I noticed how resourceful and talented Karolynn was years ago when she was working at M.A.C. Once she told me she made the clothes she was wearing. Another time it was her wig. She turned herself into Desiinger for Halloween in 2016 😂 It's great to see creative people express themselves and Karolynn does it all: from nails to event decorations. FYI: In addition to beauty and catering Karolynn is a real animal lover. I'm pretty sure she'd love running a farm. Is that a skincare routine I saw you mention recently? What concerns are you targeting and what’s your favourite product right now? Yes your girl is finally taking skincare seriously. I’m in my 30s now! Hyperpigmentation is my main concern. I used to have cystic acne, and it left discoloration. I’m now obsessed with sunscreen. It’s that simple. Doesn’t make sense using fancy products and then letting the sun undo the work . Tell us about the origins of E. Marie Eatery . Any plans for 2021 that you’re willing to share?