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#LiveWithFive featuring Victoria Greaves

Thanks again to everyone that's contributed to this series thus far . Today we're gonna learn a bit more about one of our #favs. Victoria has been rocking with #TeamModen for years and we appreciate her support. " Writer . Artist. Educator. Makeup Enthusiast. Blogger and Planner ". Victoria has many interests and talents. FYI: She's also a lawyer who loves dance and nail polish πŸ˜€ How are you balancing the new business, your day job and finding time for your hobbies? Between my jobs it is certainly a challenge, but I guess I’m always up for a good one! I think one of the keys to balance is good time management which I continue to work on. Generally though, my day job comes first, and then I make specific time for some of my hobbies like dancing, so I know what is happening on a particular day/time, and go from there. Of course, things don’t always work out that way, but having a general schedule to follow works better for me than having no real direction at all.

#LiveWithFive featuring Danielle Bourne

The recluses coming out! Danielle, like Jenai , has perfect brows. She's also a perfectionist, germaphobe and absolutely brilliant at her work. Work she's being doing since she left school. Danielle is my nail polish buddy πŸ˜‚ Talk about someone that admires a good manicure with clean cuticles.  FYI: Danielle loves local jewelry artisans. She has the 411 on where to get all cute accessories.  What’s the number one misconception first time clients have about waxing? The number one misconception about waxing is how painful it has to be. Once done correctly it's not as painful as most people believe. Any DIY tips for successfully completing the perfect manicure at home? Never push back your cuticles dry. Soak for 2-5 minutes in warm warm with a few drops of cuticle or vitamin E oil. Which eyebrow maintenance technique is the best: waxing, sugaring or threading? Personally, precision wise waxing. I feel like you were already hyper-vigilant about work space sanitation. Has Covid

#LiveWithFive featuring Katrina Brathwaite

I feel like Oprah and I just got an exclusive. The recluses coming out y'all.  Ms. Overdress Responsibly...Ms. Wear Yuh Clothes is gracing us. Katrina has made a point of making her clients feel beautiful. If you love all things feminine or are like me and sometimes feels a lil androgynous, she has something for you. As an entrepreneur, Katrina has been sharing her journey and inspiring us all with her honest reflections on the challenges and triumphs. She's y'all fav's fav . FYI: Katrina's work was recently seen in the current issue of CondΓ© Nast Traveller via local contemporary artist Sheena Rose . photography by Jaryd Niles-Morris How has your dress making process changed as a result of Covid? I’m not sure that my dressmaking process has changed per se’ since Covid. Obviously we now have more sanitization processes, wearing masks etc. Creatively tho I found myself a little regretful; all the chances that I didn’t take, all the designs I didn’t pursue. It’s been

#LiveWithFive featuring Jenai Sealey

 I've been waxing poetic about Jenai since 2014 . She knows her stuff. She discourages me from chasing skincare fads πŸ˜‚ Most importantly, she's passionate about her job. If you've ever heard me mention my wife, this is my wife's excuse the explicit bias. That said, I pay for my services. FYI: Jenai has developed her own skincare rage: Daylilies Skin . As an extension of Daylilies Beauty , this fragrance free line helps you maintain your post professional treatment results. What’s your favourite area to work in: hair, nails or skin? I love both hair and skin. I especially love seeing the transformation in people’s skin and witnessing how their confidence improves when their skin has “glowed up” due to treatments and using better products on their skin. Why are your eyebrows so perfect? Zamnnnn Thank you! Genetics 😁 I just lightly shape them with a razor every two weeks and I find brushing them from root to tip exfoliates and stimulates growth in the folli