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#LiveWithFive featuring Me

  At the beginning , I mentioned that Heidi thought the #LiveWithFive blog series would also be a great way to let readers know more about us. Heidi was last week ; now it's my turn. These questions are from Heidi cause me interviewing myself would be weird 😛 What made you want to be a part of #TeamModen ? I contacted Heidi with some social media tips back in 2012 and she responded with: "so you're gonna do it?" 😂 That's how it started. Over time I became enamored with the family, with the vision and with the beauty industry in general. How long have you been a student of skincare, would you become an aesthetician? The people want to know. Thankfully due to this blog, we have a catalogue of all sorts of beauty information for inquiring minds. Like most women, I really became interested in makeup because I wanted to cover post acne hyperpigmentation. It soon became obvious that it makes more sense to treat the skin rather than just cover it. My first chemical pe

Sephora Spring Savings Event 2021

Here we are again . Still in a panini. I for one am still watching my coppers. But...tradition; although I doubt I'm getting anything *gasp* The sale starts tomorrow. For one, I ain't get my tings from de last Sephora sale *cough* WDF Laparkan *cough* Secondly, wha more tings I could want nuh? I wish list brek off but 😜 If you're Rouge and restocking on your favourites that makes perfect sense. If you're VIB or Beauty Insider, check the individual brands' websites cause all kinds of people are having better discounts now. So do I still have recommendations? Of course. Here are five things I've been loving recently. Kate Somerville Anti Bac Acne Clearing Lotion - $52 USD Very randomly last year I watched a MakeupByTiffanyD  video and she raved about this. I like to have acne treatments in my stash so I risk at it. It's a solid product. Benzoyl-peroxide works effectively as a topical acne treatment for me and this lotion is formulated well so it&#

#LiveWithFive featuring Heidi Bowen

We're wrapping up Season One of #LiveWithFive, blog style, and what better way to do so than to let you know about us. Starting with Heidi . I'm not sure what to say about her that you don't already know. Heidi is extremely devoted to her faith, family and friends. She gives too much, in my opinion, but that's just her nature. Her latest baby, The Nail Bay , is the definition of rolling with the punches; the parallelogram shook up the whole world and having in person clients for eyelash extensions or makeup became dicey.  FYI: Heidi is a Boss cookist and now de people got a bread machine it is trouble in town 😂 What advice would you give to a budding makeup artist about building their kit?  Spend wisely but spend - I can't emphasize enough the importance of buying quality brushes (Sigma, Hakuhodo even Real Techniques and Crown are excellent options), good foundations and a range of shades because the day a porcelain beauty or Asian or olive skinned lass sits