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Sampled Out

Feels like it's just one thing after the next huh? Covid - lockdown - Sahara dust - Covid - ash fall - Covid - lockdown - Sahara dust 😔 All we can do is take things one moment, one task at a time. Protect your metal health and utilise the resources Lasonta mentioned if you need help.  Speaking of needing help, we also have to remember to protect our skin. As silly as it may sound, a skincare routine maybe a tool to assist us regulate some area of our lives in these uncertain times. Your daytime regimen isn't complete without SPF. It's even more critical if you're using exfoliators or retinol .  So yeah, I'm back to focusing on samples and hopefully getting this backlog out of my collection. Supergoop Defense Refresh Setting Mist SPF 50 0.5 fl. oz. An aerosol SPF application sounds so attractive since it would make reapplication, especially over makeup, a breeze. The major drawback is the product's high denatured alcohol content which is necessary due to the d