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We love nail polish!

How y'all doing Fam? I was reminded recently that life is actually spelled h u r d l e s . And everything is temporary. So let's take these challenges in stride and hold on to whatever brings us joy. Now that's out of the way lets talk about something both Heidi and I love: nail polish. This is just a quick plug to our Instagram pages, if you don't follow them already. The Nail Bay Heidi's killing these press-on nail designs and everyone is loving the ability to customize their looks with little effort. They're also reusable which is a big plus in these crazy hard economic times. Reach out to her and get you a Hot Girl Summer set! #LuckyLovesLacquer Last year I finally decided to make an account for my nail polish swatches. While I haven't done a wear test in a while , I still actually have to use all these polishes - at least once - to decide if to keep them right? Right. So here's my attempt to chronicle that journey. Shout out to the Fam, Made For Me