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Good Molecules Ain't Miss Yet

More Black Friday sales. More overdue skincare product reviews 😖 Earlier this year I mentioned, over on Instagram , that the Good Molecules Rosewater Daily Cleansing Gel is #TeamModenApproved. Much like The Ordinary and The Inkey List, Good Molecules is an inexpensive brand that focuses on simple formulations. The cleansing gel is effective, cheap (12 USD for 4 oz.) and lasts a while. Literally a little goes a long way . It comes in a glass bottle with an efficient pump dispenser. Using this product til the end made me realise something: I haven't tried a thing from Good Molecules that I don't like. Most repurchased: Clarify & Cleanse Bar .  " Why It’s Special: Salicylic acid and tea tree oil help to clarify and prevent blemishes with antiseptic and astringent powers Kaolin clay balances excess sebum while antioxidant-rich cocoa powder soothes inflammation and redness Rosehip and grapeseed oils nourish and maintain a healthy moisture balance while promoting elastici

Youth To The People Recommendations

Thanks to Keisha for asking what I recommend getting from the Youth To The People 25% off sitewide sale. The sale includes kits 😳 and runs until November 29. There's also a free toiletry bag gift-with-purchase on all orders, while supplies last. Firstly, any kit you have your eye on is a must have. With the additional discount it's an even better value; and Rakuten is currently offering 5% cash back   ⤸ . As I've mentioned before, kits / value sets are a great way to try a product without committing your precious coins to the full size. A sample size is exactly what got Keisha hooked on the Adaptogen Deep Moisture Cream. I've gone through two of those myself and I recommend it for dry, dehydrated or sensitive skin. It's great as a last step to seal in the hydration of essences and serums . A must have if you sleep in AC. I'm also a fan of the mist.  I was just talking about my preference for a fine mist dispenser 😆 this one fits the bill. Youth To People ha

Jordan Samuel Skin Hydrate The Mist

Is it just me or did the Black Friday sales start ridiculously early this year? 👀 These brands know something we don't? Anyho, Jordan Samuel Skin is 20% off sitewide through to November 29. Seeing that promo reminded me that I haven't reviewed any of his products since posting the haul on our Instagram page last year. So let's start with a fan favourite. A look at my first spray toner comparison  would show that I'm a heavy spray toner user. I have a lot of them in my mini fridge and regular one. This was the main product I wanted to try from the Jordan Samuel Skin line.  From the website : " a twist on the best selling Hydrate Facial Serum, this daily hydration mist will keep your skin bathed in humectants all day long! " 4 fl. oz. / 120 ml retails for 29 USD . From Cult Beauty 's website: " Why It's Cult - Making the skin care scene his stage, leading skin therapist Jordan Samuel Pacitti founded the eponymous collection in 2013: setting out t